Kariba Houseboats for hire - Pontoon Boats

Pontoon houseboats look like a floating house perched on top of two or three pontoons

It’s amazing how relaxing a houseboat vacation can be without ringing telephones, blaring car horns, or beepers, Just laughter, fun & sun and naturally, excellent tiger fishing – this is lake kariba after all.

There’s something special about being surrounded by nothing but the sounds of wildlife, sunshine, water and stars so close that you feel you can touch them.

African Queen Pontoon Houseboat

African Queen
US$ 350 – US$ 500 per night dry boat
a well priced lake Kariba houseboat for a maximum of 12 guests – 10 in cabins and 2 on top deck. Two tenders boats and splash pool

Houseboat Karabezi

US$ 1 350 per night dry boat
well designed and maintained pontoon houseboat for a maximum of 20 guests. Jacuzzi, basic fishing equipment and air conditioning.

Kariba lake ferry service

Kariba Ferry
US$ 15 to US$ 200
passenger and vehicle ferry boat service running between Binga and Kariba town. An overnight cruise on lake Kariba saving you time and money.

Kariba pontoon houseboat Karibeer

US$ 350 – US$ 400 per night dry boat
comfortable and spacious family houseboat for 12 in 3 cabins. Splash pool and two tenders for fishing / game viewing.

Nyati kariba houseboat

NyatiNot Currently Chartering
US$ per night dry boat
a 65 ft pontoon moored at Kariba, ideal for tiger fishing. Double twin and twin bunk cabins accommodation for 14 guests.

Navistar lake kariba boat

US$ 350 – US$ 400 per night dry boat
accommodating a maximum of 14 guests, there are 2 pontoon tenders. Spacious dining area and bar with walk around splash pool.

Philadelphia houseboat

US$ 480 per night dry boat
sleeping 12 passengers in 4 cabins, all cabins fully air conditioned. Large splash pool and 1 pontoon raft tender and 1 speed boat for fishing.

lake kariba boat Phillipa

US$ 360 per night dry boat
a 12 passenger pontoon with 4 cabins and space on upper deck. Cabins are air conditioned. This is a child friendly boat with a large splash pool.

O B Joyful Houseboat lake kariba

O B Joyful
US$ 375 – US$ 550per night dry boat
large air conditioned pontoon houseboat for rental. Accommodates 14 passengers. Relaxing the jacuzzi or loungers, Two tender boats.

Return to Eden Houseboat

Return to Eden
US$ 630 – US$ 710 per night dry boat
large pontoon for 18 guests. Sleep in one of the 6 en suite cabins of top deck. Twp pontoon tender,s large swimming pool, deep freezers and iceboxes.

Shikra Kariba Houseboat

US$ 1 950 per night dry boat
32 metre long pontoon accommoadting 30 passengers in cabins. Can traverse the full length of lake Kariba. Relax on sun deck and jacuzzi. Two tenders.

Ponty Lake Kariba Houseboat for rent

US$ 400 per night dry boat
facilities for 14 guests in one double, a twin and a smaller triple annex cabin. Splash pool, gas braai on top deck and two tenders for some fantastic fishing.

Sovereign houseboat lake kariba

currently under refurbishment
large 90ft houseboat with accommodation for 20 guests. Cabins are air conditioned. Facilities include splash pool, gym equipment, 2 speedboats.

Kariba houseboat Taipan

US$ 330 – US$ 400 per night dry boat
double decker pontoon sleeps 10 guests. Three cabins have drop down sides allowing for lake views. Game viewing and fishing from the 8-seater pontoon tender.

Sundowner Pontoon kariba houseboat

US$ 450 – US$ 500 per night dry boat
large spacious pontoon houseboat. Charters up to Umi river. Facilities include swimming pool and cage as well as speedboat and pontoon tender.

Tantalika Pontoon

US$ 350 – US$ 400 per night dry boat
nicely fitted pontoon and child friendly boat for 12 guests. Splash pool and swimming cage as well as two tenders

Vunduful kariba houseboat

US$ 550 per night dry boat
sleeping 20 guests in double and bunk cabins. There is a lounge, bar, splash pool, two tenders boat and a crew of four.

Umbozha Kariba Lake Boat

US$ 1 950 per night dry boat
a magnificent 102 ft long pnotoon for 38 passengers in en suire cabins. Large deep deck pool flat screen tv and 2 tender boats

Kariba Houseboat Zambezi Trader

Zambezi Trader
US$ 5 500 per night wet boat
a large triple decked pontoon for 50 guests. Ideal for weddings, conferences, day cruises, group holidays. Game viewing/fishing from 4 pontoons.

Zambuka lake kariba holiday boat

US$ 400 – US$ 450 per night dry boat
sleeps 8 passengers in cabins and 8 on top deck. Cabins are air conditioned with sliding doors. Two tenders, splash pool sun deck, swimming cage.

What A Pleasure Kariba Boat

What A Pleasure
US$ 250 – US$ 400 per night dry boat
sleeping 12, a child friendly houseboat. Features niclude sun beds and jacuzzi, spacious lounge/dining rooms. One tender boat for fishing..