Canoe Camping Safaris Lower Zambezi - Zimbabwe

Canoeing and camping Safaris on the Zambezi River from Kariba to Mana Pools park and Kanyemba.

What better way to experience the Zambezi river than on a canoe trail and canoeing is favourite way to experience all that Mana has to offer.
In the hands of experienced and knowledgeable guides, where nature is raw but beautiful, soak up spectacular gorges and red cliffs, abundant wildlife, sleeping under the stars, listening to the silence, the friendship of fellow canoeists – all this and more you will find on a Mana Pools canoe safari.

marula canoe trail

Marula – 3 day camping – 59 kms
US$ 668 Low Season – US$ 809 High Season

2 nights / 3 days of canoeing through Kariba gorge from Kariba dam to Chirundu on the Zambezi river.
Travelling through the narrow and steep sided Kariba gorge, the terrain opens up.
Waking up at sunrise each day, canoeing through incredible scenery, picnic lunches and siestas.

mopane canoe safari

Mopane – 4 day canoe – 70 kms
US$ 773 Low Season – US$ 922 High Season

canoeing and camping along the Mana Pools National Park shoreline encountering 380 bird species, elephant, buffalo, lion and various antelope.
Camping overnight on sandy banks or islands, each day an adventure.

tamarind safari

Tamarind – 4 day camping – 75 kms
US$ 763 Low Season – US$ 912 High Season

starting from Chirundu the safari sets off for Kakomarara island. Waking at first light then onto the river and the start of a new day with new encounters.
Tamarind is one of the more popular trails enjoying one of Africa’s untouched areas.

fish eagle mana pools canoeing

Fish Eagle – 6 day canoe – 130 kms
US$ 958 Low Season – US$ 1, 107 High Season

from Kariba dam wall to the Mana Pools wilderness area, canoeing approx. 21.5 kms each day.
Letting the current of the river do most of the work, allowing you to take in the beauty of Mana.
As each new day starts prepare for new sights, canoeing until early evening, sleeping on different islands,

classic short canoe trail

Classic Short – 8 days – 182 kms
US$ 1, 335 Low Season – High Season US$ 1, 432

like the explorers of yesteryear, canoeing is an adventure – exhilarating and exhausting.
This canoe trail leaves from Chirundu to Kanyemba affording spectacular views of Mupata Gorge, camping at the base of the towering Red Cliffs.
Canoeing is halted at mid day for lunch and to miss the heat of the day.

zambezi long safari

Zambezi Long Adventure – 10 day – 230 kms
US$ 1, 409 Low Season – US$ 1, 612 High Season

covering an average of 23 kms a day, canoeing along the Mana Pools national park shoreline with its abundant game and bird species.
Canoeing into the Mupata gorge, a geographaical feature of red cliffs.
Kanyemba is the border with Mozambique and the end of the trail. Road transfer back to Kariba.

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