Luxury 9 day rail journey to Namibia

take a train safari visiting Kimberley, Fish River Canyon, Sossusvlei and Etosha and ending in Swakopmund


■ 9 day – 3400km luxury rail journey
■ crossing the savanna plains of the Highveld to the Atlantic ocean at Swakopmund Namibia
■ visit the famous diamond town of Kimberley, centre of one of the world’s famous diamond rushes
■ next stop the world’s 2nd largest canyon at Fish River – second in size only to the Grand Canyon
■ wander through the Quiver Tree Forest with approx. 300 trees growing in height up to 5 metres and reaching an age of more than 200 years.
■ visit the Giant’s Playground – a maze of huge balancing rocks
■ tour Namibia’s capital city – Windhoek
■ visit the mountains of sand at Sossusvlei regarded as some of the highest in the world.
The dunes present an ever changing landscape of colours and light. Look for desert dwelling creatures such as the shovel-snouted lizard or the golden mole.
■ we journey on to Etosha National Park and its amazing wildlife – the “great white place” home to 114 species of mammals
■ last stop on our safari is the German Hansa town of Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
■ departure dates 05 – 13 April 2018 and 26 April – 04 May 2018
■ this tour starts from Pretoria South Africa and will end at Swakopmund Namibia