Zimbabwe Travel Guide – Fact File

First hand knowledge, slideshows, maps and picture galleries to make your safari in Zimbabwe a pleasant travel experience

Zimbabwe is such a Jewel of a Country

Zimbabwe & Malta tied for first place as countries with the best climate in Quality of Life Index, June 2012 in International Living. The crime rate in Zimbabwe was also ranked as very low

This magazine, International Living, ranks countries according to Yale Universities’ Environmental index, which takes into consideration 25-performance indicators including water quality, policy initiatives, biodiversity, air pollution, the effects of environmental factors on human health and more. Zimbabwe scored 100% in climate, 75% in leisure & culture & 67% in cost of living

Tips and Quick Facts

Those that do visit will find the rewards far out weigh the perceived risks.

Zimbabwe’s tourism highlights such as Victoria Falls, Hwange, and Lake Kariba are well away from urban centres and most often travelers to Zimbabwe never see or hear of trouble and the visitor is safe In fact in Victoria Falls there is a special tourist police force who ensure the safety of visitors

Tourism in Zimbabwe is Bouncing Back
The fact that the US dollar is now the main trading currency has made a huge difference

Do not allow anyone to take your credit card out of your sight
Clients should carry cash on them in either U$ or Rand, and in small denominations as they are unable to give change in foreign currency
Alternatively book and pay in advance

Mana Pools is still without doubt one of the most peaceful places on the planet to visit.

Zimbabwe is a headache for those that don’t know first hand what to do and not to do. If carefully planned a holiday in Zimbabwe can be one of the best safari experience in Africa.

Transport and Tours

Transfers – Can be arranged to most parts of the country for a minimum of 4 people. see Transfers

Taxis – no cruising vehicles, but are available at taxi -ranks in the main centres or on call from hotels and restaurants.

Car Hire – cars with or without chauffeurs can be hired in most tourist areas from reputable firms.

Buses – in towns and cities they are few and far between, chiefly transporting people to work. There are, however, good inter-city coach services.

Trains – comfortable daily services link rest centres.

Road tours – a selection of road tours are operated at reasonable cost to all Zimbabwe’s main tourist’s attractions.

Air Services – the country’s national airline has a convenient and frequent schedule of flights between the main centres and major tourist destinations. Air Zimbabwe also provides feeder services to all regional capitals. A number of international airlines provide connections to international destinations.

Boat Hire – at Kariba, Houseboats are available for hire from registered companies

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