South Africa Safety and Security

South Africa gives high priority to protecting Tourists. Read the Do’s and Do Not’s guidelines below.

Crime prevention measures

Government has declared war on crime and criminals to ensure a safer and better South Africa for all.

New measures instituted by police have already
began to show results and some crime statistics are down from previous years.

Some of these measures are:

** Community co-operation has been encouraged to facilitate early detection and prevention of crime
** Specialist squads have been established to investigate specific types of crimes and are receiving training from top international agencies
**Policemen are being deployed on horseback and bicycles to increase police visibility
**Tourism agencies are involved in working groups with police to investigate measures to keep tourists safe
** The private sector has become involved, e.g. by supplying car guards for parking areas


Walk alone at night, especially in unlit streets
draw unnecessary attention to money or jewelry on your person
be tempted into pavement games or gambling
buy gold, diamonds or other seemingly valuable items offered for sale on the street – they are often stolen or fake
leave your property unattended in a public place
pick up hitchhikers
travel off the beaten track before informing someone and asking advice
resist when confronted
accept lifts from strangers
venture into the township areas unless you are part of a tour group led by a reputable tour guide and definitely don’t go into ‘google let us’ at night


lock valuables in the hotel safe
check your route before leaving the hotel
lock your hotel door at all times, whether you are in the room or not
lock your car doors at all times and leave your windows closed
listen to the advice of your host or hotel personnel
park in well-lit areas when going out at night
lock your personal items and luggage in the boot of the car
contact the police immediately after a crime
make use only of reputable taxi companies. – ask the hotel for help
check whom it is when someone knocks on your hotel door

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