South Africa Travel Guide

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South Africa’s scenic beauty, magnificent outdoors, sunny climate, cultural diversity and reputation for delivering value for money have made it one of the world’s fastest growing leisure, business and travel destinations.

South Africa remains one of the most affordable tourist countries and with the plunging Rand will soon be the worlds cheapest vacation destination.

Head inland and check out the amazing canyon hikes, authentic wildlife watching opportunities, and other natural opportunities or, hang out in the seaside towns, enjoy some South African wines, and visit the museums for an interesting bouquet of culture.

South Africa’s peak tourist seasons are between October and February and again between March and April

Tourist accommodation is in high demand during these seasons and visitors are advised to book well in advance to avoid disappointment

South Africa operates on the metric system.
Distances are measured in metres and kilometres (1 mile = 1, 621 km)

Weight is measured in grams and kilograms.
Liquids are measured in litres
Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius
10 °C = 50 °F | 20 °C = 68° F | 30°C = 86° F

South Africa is two hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), one hour ahead of Central European Winter Time, eight hours behind Australian Eastern Standard Time and seven hours ahead of Eastern Standard Winter Time, USA.

There is no daylight saving in South Africa

There are no time-zone changes between South Africa and most neighbouring countries, except Namibia

South Africa Holiday Package Tours – Travel Packages and Day Trips throughout South Africa with Photos, Maps and Current Prices.

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