Botswana Flight Schedule

Botswana airline access is from Johannesburg, Windhoek and Harare

The flight to Kasane from O.R.Tambo in Johannesburg takes a little over
2 hours on Air Botswana or SA Airlink departing A.M

Air Botswana Flights Botswana to / from South Africa

Flights Johannesburg to Maun JNB MUB
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 10h10 arriving 11h50
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10h10 arriving at 12H10
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 13h00 arriving at 15h00

Flights Maun to Johannesburg MUB JNB
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 14h50 arriving 16H30
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 14H30 arriving 16H30
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 10H00 arriving at 12h00

Flights Johannesburg to Kasane JNB BBK
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 11h30 arriving 13H50

Flights Kasane to Johannesburg BBK JNB
Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 14h40 arriving 17h00

Maun to Cape Town return service on Tuesday and Friday departs Maun at 14h00, arriving in Cape Town at 16h40

ADD on flights for Kasane BBK
CPT JNB : 07h00 09h00 on BA – every day flights
JNB CPT : 19h00 21h00 on BA – every day

Flights Kasane to Maun (Botswana)
BP021 Sunday Tuesday 11:30 12:20 BP021 Thursday 12:30 13:20

Flights Maun to Kasane ( Botswana)
BP022 Thursday 10:30 11:20 BP022 Sunday Tuesday 13:00 13:50

Botswana Charter Air Transfers – Maun is the centre to Safari Camps

Two types of air transfer are on offer – either a private air transfer where your party has sole use of the aircraft, or a shared air transfer, where guests share the aircraft with others.

Shared air transfers
Unless specifically requested to do otherwise, we will automatically book you onto the shared air transfer

When we package an itinerary using shared air transfers, we book the aircraft and pilot through licensed charter companies. This portion of your trip is therefore sub-chartered.

All the flight times between lodges are arranged a few days before the flights take place so that there are no endless schedule changes. The lodge or camp where you are staying will be advised of your departure time the day before travel and will ensure that you are at the airstrip on time

We cannot be more specific about the exact timings of these air transfers as the charter companies are compelled to service their aircraft every 100 hours. This could mean that all arrangements pertaining to air travel have to be rescheduled at the last moment thus making flight times changeable.

At certain times of the year it may be necessary (for safety reasons) to transfer you during the cooler times of the day, in early morning or late afternoon only. Once the departure times have been set, they usually cannot be changed, without incurring considerable extra cost

Airlinks Daily Flights

Flights Johannesburg to Maun
Departs OR Tambo 11:45, arrives Maun 13:15

Flights Maun to Johannesburg
Return flights depart Maun 14:00, arrive OR Tambo 15:40

direct services between Cape Town and Maun.
five times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Flights depart Cape Town at 10h35 and arrivie in Maun at 13h05. The return flight departs Maun at 13h35 and arrives back in Cape Town at 16h10.

Air Namibia

Flights Botswana to / from Namibia
Flights Victoria Falls

Windhoek /Vic Falls via Maun – Air Namibia
Flights on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 10h30 14h15

Vic Falls /Windhoek via Maun – Air Namibia
Flights on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 14h45 15h25

International Flights to Southern Africa

Europe, Arabia, Asia via South Africa
Daily flights to Johannesburg and Cape Town on a number of airlines

USA: Direct flights from JFK and ATL to Johannesburg and Cape Town

Europe most direct: BA flys to Lusaka in Zambia 3 times a week

Fly Emirates Flys to Lusaka, Harare, but goes via Dubai

African regional flights info

Johannesburg:Daily flights to Victoria Falls Airport, Zimbabwe (1 and half hour flights)

Johannesburg: Daily flights to Livingstone Airport, Zambia (1 and half hour flights)

Victoria Falls to Harare: Windhoek to Namibia

airlines serving Zambia include British Airways, Delta Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, KLM, and South African Airways.

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