Waterbuck - kobus ellipsiprymnus

Large water dependent antelope with trademark white ring on its rump


Large antelope – coarse and long coats – grey brown body colour – broad white ring encircling the rump – white band from throat to base of ears – ears are short, rounded, white on the inside with a black tip.
Only the bull has the long heavily ringed horn which curve backwards and then forward towards the tips.
Mass:  260 kg (male / 230 kg (female)
Horn Length : 75 cm (average)
Shoulder Height : 170cm (male / 130 cm (female)


a single calf is born after a gestation period of 280 days

Family sizes

Can number from 5 to 30 individuals


Predominantly grazers but do browse


The purpose of the white ring marking is not clear but it could be an aid to help their young when moving through thick vegetation.

Dependent on water and are never far from rivers and dams.

Waterbuck can often be detected by the strong musky scent given off by their oily hair.

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