Sable - Hippotragus Niger

Handsome, majestic looking, shiny black coat, longest horns of any antelope


Black or dark brown upperparts with pure white underparts – long transversely ridged, back curved horns (both sexes) – black and white facial markings – erect long mane which runs from top of the neck to shoulders – long narrow ears

Mass – 250kg (male) 210kg (female)
Horn Length – 102cm (average)
Shoulder Height – 135cm (male) 90cm (female)


The Sable is a seasonal breeder – dropping their calves between January to March with a single calf being born after a period of approx. 270 days.
As with most species the sable cow leaves the herd to give birth and the calf remains hidden for some time before joining the herd

Herd Strength

Living in herds from 10 to 30 individuals

Life Expectancy

17 years


Principally grazers but will browse particularly in the dry season – dependent upon water


Gregarious and diurnal, preferring dry open woodland with medium to tall grass.

Majestic looking with horns which are the longest of any antelope species.

The age of antelope can be calculated from the number of rings on the horns which varies for each species

Defense Strategies

Territorial animals – bulls will defend its territory – usually fight kneeling with sweeps of their powerful horns