Nyala - Tragelaphus Angasii

Commonly found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia with lyre-shaped horns


a medium-sized antelope, with 3 to 14 vertical white stripes on its sides
the ram carries a fringe of long hair (dewlap) which hangs from its underparts
only the male has horns which are slightly spiraled curving outward after the first turn and with a white tip
the female is yellow brown in colour to a chestnut – also with distinctive vertical stripes on its sides


Nyala inhabits dense bush, riverside thickets and the fringes of forests with their natural diet comprising leaves, fruit, herbs, legumes, and fresh grass


Nyala rams are not territorial and can often be seen in small groups with ewes and lambs
strength is displayed in a number of ways from digging and tossing the soil to thrashing bushes
confrontations with other males entails standing broadside with their white dorsal crest fully erect and head held high.  All intended to show dominance.  Fights entail horn clashing and much shoving and pushing

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