Eland – taurotragus oryx

of significant importance to the San people as evidenced in rock art paintings


The largest of the antelope, eland can weigh up to 680 kg and stand 178 cm at the shoulder.

Eland are graceful animals, with a large pendulous dewlap and pale fawn colour.

Despite its massive size, eland are excellent jumpers and can easily clear two meters.

Both sexes have horns which curve in a short outward an upward twist.

These horns are used to knock down foliage and although mainly browsers they do occasionally eat grass. Eland can be found in semi desert, miombo woodlands, grasslands, and acacia savannah

Eland have a distinctive clicking noise when they move which is believed to be caused by the 2 halves of each hoof striking together

The eland provides rich and nutritious milk and leather, and has been domesticated in many areas with partial success

They live in large mixed groups, usually containing 25–70 individuals.

Elands are the slowest antelope but can maintain a 20 kilometers per hour trot indefinitely

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