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The 23 rapids are run in large rubber rafts launched from the boiling pot.

Wonderful experience - A day you will cherish for the rest of your life

Into Batoka Gorge walked the brave 20
At the top of the gorge you get a detailed briefing of all the procedures for falling out of a raft, especially on how to get a person double your size back into the raft.
To do this you dunk the person first and then pull them up. The reasons for this are:
firstly -

because they deserve to be dunked for falling out and secondly - because the buoyancy pushes them up for re-embarkation
You will also get advised on precautionry measures [just in case.] At the top of Batoka Gorge you are equipped with all your kit including paddle, helmet and life jacket If it is cold you can get a thermal vest. [Rare in the tropics] You then take the steep yet simple walk down to the awaiting raft with juice and water onboard. One raft in the party will carry a medical supply box.
the Walk out
is hard and hot, but guides are there to escourt guests up,lending a hand, or a tissue!
The walk is straight up and takes at most about 20 minutes [record is 6 mins]. There is no rush and orange juice is offered, at a number of points on the way up. There is ice cold beer and drinks at the top.
Clients will carry their buoyancy aids and helmets.
That evening you meet to view and purchase your videos and photos.
Down the Zambezi river with a paddle and a laugh
You then spend some time in the pool area going through some simple commands with your guide such as bracing yourselves and steering.
The rapids go from classes 1 - 5 in terms of size of the rapid.
There is a class 6 but you are not permitted to do a class 6 commercially hence the class 6 one is called "commercial suicide" and you walk around it.You start with a class 5 rapid called "Morning Glory". where you get a rude awakening [In high water you will only start at rapid number 11.]
Now that you are wide awake Nyaminyami,[ the Zambezi river god] permits you to enter "Stairway to Heaven" a 16 foot drop into a class 5 rapidThrough-out the morning session you will either proudly conquer rapids such as "devils toilet bowl" and "gullivers travels"or be flipped and gurgled at, by them. You notice that there are helicopter landings marked along the river- [just in case]
You rest for lunch by taking a little hike up the gorge to the lunch depot where salads, meats , bread and some fruit are served as well as coffee, tea, water and juice.After lunch the joyful shreiks and laughter resumes with "overland truck eater" The afternoon leg is a bit more relaxing but with a series of rapids such as "The Sisters", "Terminator 1 and 2 and Judgement day" you find yourself in the water more often than not. When this happens you quickly get rescued by the kayaks that film / photo shoot you as well.
Also other rafts will pick you out of the water. Uprighting your toppled raft is sometimes even more fun than the toppling was
There is a two kilometre stretch where you just sit back and take in this magnificent river and chat with your guide who tells you all about the gorge and the area as well as the legends that go with it.
After a few more class 3 & 4 rapids you finish the day


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