Zambezi Tiger Fishing Safaris

Western Zambia offers Tiger Fishing from either Houseboats or Fishing Lodges and Camps


a stretch of river from Victoria falls to Ngonye Falls called "Gods Highway" by David Livingstone

Fish Species - For Pictures and List of Zambezi Fish | 2

Tiger Fish start feeding from August in the upper regions and September in Lower Zambezi.

Fishing is not allowed for the months of January and February the prime breeding season

Most of this region will fall into the recently established Trans-Frontier park called Kavango-Zambezi TFCA or Kaza Park, the largest game park in the world

Ngonye Falls, horseshoe shaped waterfalls cascade over a 20m drop

also known as Sioma Falls are located outside the village of Sioma.

These beautiful falls mark the transition point of the Zambezi Rivers’ flow from Kalahari sand floodplain to basalt dyke the latter eventually contributing to the magnificent gorges of the Victoria Falls.

The horseshoe-shaped Ngonye Falls are mostly impressive because of the sheer volume of water that cascades over the staggered twenty metre drop.

An interesting aspect is that the river flows underneath the rock on either side of the falls. It’s quite remarkable to stand upon them, feeling and hearing the underground flow.

Directly below the falls are a series of rapids that make for a good day’s white-water rafting

Shackletons Fishing Lodge - Upper Zambezi

Situated on the banks of the Zambezi River approximately 140km west of Livingstone (Zambia) and 55km east of Sesheke

Experience exceptional fishing - fabulous birding - stunning photography - great getaway

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Sioma Ngwesi National Park

This 5000 square kilometre park in the south western corner of the country has been completely undeveloped and rarely visited until recently. It is surrounded by a 35 000 square kilometre Game Management Area. The Park is unfenced allowing free movement of the animals between the park and the GMA and allowing access to the Zambezi River.

The Park and surrounding GMA form an important link in the migratory route of elephants from the bordering national parks of Botswana and Namibia

The Falls provide great photo opportunities at any time of the year but the best time is around June or July

Rafting is best from February to May after the rains.

Wildlife is best viewed from July to November, when water is scarce and the animals are forced to come to the water holes or down to the river to drink

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