. Kafue national park Zambia

Kafue national park Zambia

The largest and oldest park in Zambia dominated by the Busanga Plains

buffalo herd

Wildlife - 158 recorded mammal species
here are just a few................

blue & yellow backed duiker sitatunga lechwe roan sable hartebeest leopard cheetah African wild dog hippo crocodiles elephant pangolin bushpig spring hare monitor lizards aardvark mongoose civet serval caracal wild cat bush baby oribi

Birdlife : more than 500 recorded species
a birders heaven - to whet your appetite >>>>

Pels Fishing Owl Black cheeked Lovebird Chaplin's Barbet Wattled & Crowned Cranes African Fin-foot Bohm's Bee-eaters Kingfishers Rollers Harriers


Between November to April the park is virtually inaccessible due to rains.
Dry seasons : June to October


Itezhi-Tezhi can be reached year round.


Busanga Plains (floodplains)
only accessible early July to early November

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