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Painted Dogs Hwange

Wild Dog Conservation Project - Hwange National Park aimed at protecting, rehabilitating and re-introducing packs into the wild

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The Conservation Model - How Did It Work

A number of factors were involved :
■ PDC designed anti snare radio collars
■ Roads signs were posted alerting motorists to the dogs presence in the area
■ Painted Dogs were placed in the "Specially Protected" category of the Parks & Wildlife Act
■ an anti poaching unit was formed
■ a rehabilitation facility was erected
■ Community development projects were put in place employing men, women and children.
■ Snare wires were turned into crafts and are being sold worldwide.

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African Wild Dogs

tracing their ancestry back more than 40-million years but today an endangered species.

Of the estimated 3000 in the wild, one-sixth of this population are found in Zimbabwe.

Extremely social animals, the strength of the Painted Dog Pack utilises 3 aspects :

socialization, vocalization and hunting methods.

Packs can range in numbers from 6 to 30 individuals.

Often misunderstood as a voracious killer - Painted Dogs will mourn the death of one of their kind - pups are always fed first and members care for the sick and injured in their group.

You can help the conservation program.

Find more info and details at http://www.painteddog.org/

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