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What to see and do and Tourist Attractions, with some of the best trout fishing, golfing and hiking in Africa

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The mountains of Nyanga and Bvumba / Vumba

Are there to be enjoyed so you can either back pack, horse ride, hike, rock climb, abseiling (Honda Valley You can also kayak and raft in the Honda Valley.

At Nyanga National Park, the Nyangombe Falls is a great place to picnic.

The highest single drop waterfall in Zimbabwe can be seen at Mtarazi Falls and at Pungwe Falls you will be treated to spectacular gorge views. The view from Worlds View is just that.

A 70 km circular drive around Bvumba National Park is a feast of spectacular scenery and views into neighbouring Mozambique.

Cave exploration to view rock paintings, or see ancient gold workings at some of the ruins. At Nyanga Ruins there are 3 structures to explore namely pits, forts and terracing. Who built the ruins? Why? Can you find the answer?

Enjoy breathtaking scenery, fresh mountain air and the privilege of playing audience to 'God's choir' - exquisite birdsong in unspoiled forests. At the end of 'tour of re-birth', the icing on the cake is definitely Tony's Coffee Shop which serves an astounding range of speciality teas and coffees and a delectable assortment of cakes.

The Chimanimani mountain ranges

Are big, volcanic peaks, the highest reaching to 2440 metres and stretching for some 50km.

Situated between the village of Chimanimani and the border. are the more gentle and rounded ranges, but still big enough to test the strength, stamina and determination of many hikers. Small rivulets are everywhere and flowers too. On the higher slopes, protea and everlasting flowers will be remembered as will the thick growths of giant Erica with its evocative 'pencilwood' smell.

Sable and eland still exist in herds. In the thicker, low-lying forests, there are still elephant whilst on the high grassy plateaus there is a range of smaller antelope as well as leopard, baboon and porcupine.
Many of the birds are rare and occur only in the mountains and the wooded valleys

In Spring (July/August) the budding Msasa trees, adorned in shades of brilliant red and green are spectacular.

Chimanimani is one of Zimbabwe's finest mountain wilderness areas and a hiking destination with few equals

For the hikers, birders and mountaineers - revel in the sense of discovery that comes from exploring the magical "Tolkein" valleys and peaks

In the village you can view Bridal Veil Falls.
Golf, squash and tennis can be played at the Country club.
There are 3 golf courses all within 1hrs drive of Chimanimani village.

Tennis and squash
Specialised birding

Visit Chirinda Forest - a primeval forest where you will see the tallest tree in Zimbabwe - a Red Mahogany which was still a sapling when Christ was born.
The evergreen forests of Haroni/Rusitu Botanical Reserve
Last but not least, walks and trails within the majestic Chimanimani

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Eastern Highlands Parks


For some of the best trout fishing in Africa you should visit the Gairesi Valley. The national parks and private dams provide good fishing for brown and rainbow trout, making the Nyanga area one of the best districts for trout fishing in Africa. Relatively close to both Harare and Mutare, it is easily accessible and very popular. Trout

were introduced from Cape in 1934. They have flourished and stocks are maintained in dams and rivers of the up land region by the National Parks service.

The Osborne Dam is a spectacular fishing ground and mecca for bass fishing.


Montclair Hotel, Brondesbury Park or Leopard Rock which rightly deserves its fame as a world class golfing venue and you can also visit the casino at the hotel.

Although Aberfoyle is off the Beaten track it is spectacular.

Troutbeck is world famous and I hope you will enjoy this tale about Troutbeck as much as I do: Major MacIlwaine (course designer ) often known to apologise to a new golfing partner that he went round the course slowly. His partner did not understand this until reaching the crossing at the footbridge, the Major would take out his trout rod and have a few casts - then everything became clear

Squash, tennis and bowls

Can all be played at Troutbeck, Odzi and Aberfoyle with pony trails available from the National Parks Board.

Hotsprings and Birchenough Bridge

Experience an entirely different aspect of Zimbabwe's eastern district - the southern hot and dry Save Valley, also known as the Valley of Baobabs. An oasis in this semi-arid region is Hotsprings resort, with three natural hotsprings rich in therapeutic minerals, where an excellent lunch is served.

At an extra cost, treat yourself to a soothing massage before heading further south for Birchenough Bridge. This marvelous piece of engineering spanning the width of the Save Valley was built in 1935 in memory of Sir Henry Birchenough, who headed the British South Africa Company from 1925 to 1937.

A replica of Sydney Harbour Bridge, Birchenough was, at the time of its construction, the world's third largest suspension bridge

Far and Wide Adventures

Offers everything you need for adventure, team building or leadershp training.

Set in the picturesque Eastern Highlands there are numerous outdoor activities from rafting, kayaking, river bugging, mountain biking, rock climbing and abseiling.

Specialist interest groups such as birding and fly fishing also catered for.

Far & Wide offer great programs which can be specifically designed to suit your requirements

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