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Okavango Delta Facts & Guide in Botswana

The Okavango River empties into a crystal clear swamp creating one of Africa’s greatest concentrations of wildlife


The river that never finds the sea, is one of the worlds great natural phenomena. When the Okavango River floods from March to August, the area swells to 3 times it's normal size. As this happens during Botswana’s dry winter months it attracts huge concentrations of animals

The source of this great alluvial fan stems from the northern provinces of Angola, where the rains gather to form a mighty river that floods into the Delta on an annual basis and eventually runs dry in the Kalahari Desert

Rivers and pools strewn with lily pads sparkle like ribbons interspersed by wild animals

You can even see the fish as they wiggle through the crystal-clear water below

The Okavango delta has earned it's reputation as one of the world's premier wilderness areas

Home to the full spectrum of African big-game animals.
The wildlife in the Delta is rich and varied. Many of the larger herbivores are present and include elephant, buffalo, giraffe, hippo and antelope species as well as numerous smaller animals

The carnivore populations are healthy and widespread including lion, leopard, cheetah, wild dog, spotted hyena, crocodile and jackal

In addition to the animal populations, the Delta is home to a staggering variety of birds; some 450 species exist within Northern Botswana

The most exciting aspect of encountering this wildlife is that the populations have never been imported or controlled in any way, and the large, protected areas are not fenced. Botswana is one of the last remaining areas where you are able to witness the complex interactions of a truly natural environment

Migration is the countrys best kept secret - worlds second longest zebra migration 25 000 zebra move from Okavango to the Makgadikgadi a journey of more than 242 km in the Summer Time


Maun - The gateway to the Okavango

Most Safari Camps are remote and charted flights from Maun are used to reach them

Maun International Airport is serviced by Air Botswana and there are direct flights to Johannesburg in South Africa.

Maun has all the supplies and equipment for the intrepid traveler — stores shopping center's, filling stations, with hotels, lodges and restaurants.as well as a variety of car and 4 x 4 vehicle hire companies to drive to Moremi Game reserve


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