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Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park - Travel guide

The Kalahari Gemsbok & the Gemsbok National Parks joined to form this Peace Park of over 3.6-million hectares of wilderness

Did not see the lions till they got home

unseen audience, till the flash went off - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park


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Located in the extreme south west area of Botswana, the park is one of Africa's last remaining conservation areas of this size.

The landscape is made up of red sand dunes, sparse vegetation and the dry riverbeds of the Nossob and Auob

In the southern part of the district near Bokspits, are large, red dunes which are a spectacle to watch and a challenge to climb

The Kgalagadi is a very special place. It is miles and miles of what seems to be nothingness and then you come across an amazing sighting and experiences. Take your time and watch, it will happen; just make sure that your camera is ready.

Because of its tough terrain, many parts of this district remain virgin waiting to be experienced. The vegetation consists of acacia woodland, acacia scrub, and savanna grasslands

Despite this dryness and low rainfall, the Kalahari supports a diverse and abundant mammal fauna

Mammals such as eland, oryx, blue wildebeest and springbok as well as huge black-mane lions and leopards lingering in the shade of camel thorn trees can be watched.

There are three fully-serviced rest camps within the park each offering modern amenities, a reception, shop, fuel supply and a range of accommodation to suit different budgets.

Six additional basic wilderness camps provide only shelter and water to wash with.


The park's largest rest camp, Twee Rivieren, is located on the banks of the dry Nossob Riverbed and serves as the administrative headquarter.

Facilities also include a swimming pool, a restaurant, an information centre and accommodation. One can choose between family cottages, chalets and camp sites. This is the only camp which has electricity for 24 hours and mobile phone reception.

Nossob Rest Camp is situated within the dry riverbed of the Nossob and accommodation ranges from two guesthouses and some cottages to camp sites. For your convenience there is a swimming pool and a predator information centre. A generator provides electricity 18 hours a day. Nossob is a 3,5 hours drive from Twee Rivieren

Mata-Mata Rest Camp, on the banks of the dry Auob River and a 2,5 hours drive from Twee Rivieren, borders Namibia at the southwestern boundary of the park. Facilities comprise a swimming pool and accommodation, including camp sites and a range of chalets, which also cater for families. A generator provides daily electricity for 18 hours and there is no telephone or mobile phone reception.

Getting There By Road

The main roads within the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park are regularly maintained gravel roads but not sedan friendly. You can enter with your own car but any vehicle with high ground clearance (not necessarily a 4x4) is highly recommended

From Namibia, the Kalahari can be reached through Mamuno borderpost in the Ghanzi District some 110km away

Tourists can also enter Kgalagadi Park through the South African section at Two Rivers (Twee Rivieren)
Here are the only gates with passport control. Therefore, everyone entering from one country and departing to another country must report to these border control posts.

Entry into the central Botswana area can also be reached via five international border posts all are situated on the border with South Africa - Bray, Makopong, McCarthy's Rust, Middlepits and Bokspit




Central Kalahari Game Reserve



Kgalagadi Park Wildlife

The area supports wildebeest, eland, hartebeest, gemsbok and springbok, and a healthy population of large predators - Black Maned lions, leopards, cheetah, jackal and brown hyena


Birds of prey are found in large numbers and include: Goshawks (Pale Chanting and the Gabar), Snake Eagle, Falcons and the Giant Eagle Owl.

Look for the Kalahari scrub robin, Pied babblers, Black korhaan, Ostrich, Kori bustard

4 x 4 Trails

There are 3 trails i.e. Gemsbok Wilderness Trail - Mabuasehube Wilderness Trail and the Nossob
4 x 4 Eco Trail affording the visitor the opportunity to experience the Kalahari - its wildlife residents, its birdlife and its ecology first hand

Best Time to Visit
Game can be seen throughout the year, but the best time is probably at the end of the rainy season (March to May).

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