. 4x4 Adventure Travel into Semi Desert Kaokoland, Namibia
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4x4 Adventure Travel into Semi Desert Kaokoland

Expedition like tour package in 4 x 4 vehicles to the rugged and remote region of Kaokoland, North West Namibia

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experience the cultures of 2 Namibian tribes (Himba & Damara)
wildlife discovery in the Etosha National Park
Erongo Mountain Conservancy
Brief Itinerary
■ Full day introduction to 4x4 driving
■ Ovahimba culture
■ 4 x 4 adventure in the Kaokoland
■ Ovahimba culture, scenic walks
■ 4 x 4 adventure towards the Van Zyl's Pass
■ Van Zyl's Pass adventure, drive through the Marienfluss
■ explore the Marienfluss area and Kunene
■ searching for game along the Hoarusib riverbed
■ searching for desert elephants in the Huab and Aba-Huab rivers
■ Twyfelfontein, Burnt Mountain, Organ Pipes, optional nature drive
■ travel back to Windhoek
Guided Self Drive Kaokoland
rate valid to 31 October 2016
Tour Code
Days / Nights
12 / 11
Min / maximum vehicles
(excluding guide vehicle)
2 / 4
English / German
Vehicle recommendation (only 1 guiding vehicle included)

4 x 4 fully equipped single or double cab vehicles

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itinerary Kaokoland Itinerary

Departure Dates 2016

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