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Chobe National Park

The Chobe National Park is named after the Chobe River, which forms the parks northern boundary. The park is 11700km2, which makes it the third largest reserve in Botswana.

Due to the size of the park it supports a variety of different habitats and bio-diversities. The main areas that we utilize in this park are along the Chobe River and the Savuti marsh, which in fact is dry!

The area along the Chobe River supports an abundance of animals and a bird population, which numbers over 440 at the last count.

The well-known Savuti, in the south western corner of the park, including the shallow basin of the Mababe Depression is now the waterless bed of an ancient lake. The marsh itself is a grassland that is the home to a large numbers of different animals.

Due to the marsh drying up in 1982, the little water there is in the dry season, proves the point that "size does matter". It is a lesson in patience watching the animals file in and wait their turn to drink, the elephants definitely rule.

Animals that can be seen in these areas are elephant ( Chobe boasts one of the largest populations in Africa ), all the big cats i.e. lion, leopard and cheetah along with wild dog, puku (this is their most southern limit of range), huge herds of buffalo, giraffe, hippo, sable, kudu, baboons, and many others


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