Matobo Hills

Matobo Hills : World Heritage Site

Location :Matabeleland, Zimbabwe
The area has great archaeological, historical and spiritual significance.
Date of inscription : 2003

Matobo Hills National Park


The Matobo Hills has one of the highest concentrations of rock art in Southern Africa.

Archaeology and the rock paintings provide an insight into the interaction between the Stone age communities and the landscape they inhabited and is also representative of religious traditions.

San art paintings in the Matopos
bushman rock paintings
hidden inside one of the caves

The Mwari religion, centred on Matoba, which may date back to the Iron Age, is the most powerful oracular tradition in southern Africa.

huge granite boulders precariously balanced

Matobo Landscape

haunt of leopards and black eagles

imagine huge granite masses which have been split, sculpted and shaped by time and weather, huge boulders randomly piled high on top of one another.

Scan the horizon for 3000 sq. kilometres and you are looking at the Matobos.

looking over the landscape of Matopos National Park

Matobo Hills

This sacred area is also the resting place of Cecil John Rhodes and the grave of Mzilikazi.

memorial to the Shangaan Patrol

There is a high density ofbirdlifein the Matobo Hills National park including raptors such as the Black Eagle, Wahlbergs eagle, the Tawny eagle, Peregrine and Lanner falcons.

Black shouldered kites, snake eagle, little sparrow hawk are also to be found.

boulder strewn landscape of the Matopos

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