Zambezi Horse Trails Full Day

Zambezi Horse Trails – Full Day Safari
A superb safari for the experienced rider

For experienced riders only

Horses: Anglo Arab, Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bay and Thoroughbred Tack:

Australian Stock Saddles.

Pace: Moderate with long canters

Riding Ability: Intermediate to strong intermediate. This is a dangerous game area so clients should be confident at all paces able to do a rising trot, capable of riding a horse at a strong canter through rough country if necessary. and happy to canter for longish stretches, game permitting!

Weight limit: 90 kg.

A superb safari for the experienced rider, you will track game through vlei and forest, learning about their feeding and social habits, you will experience the incredible feeling of being ‘part of a herd’ that only a horseback safari can provide, as you move with a herds of kudu, and buffalo. You may encounter elephant as they browse seemingly unaware of your presence. You will explore the secret

channels and islands of the Zambezi, and learn about the flora, fauna and ecology of this magnificent area.

Length of ride – up to 7 hours riding, plus a break for lunch. .

Minimum number of clients: 2 – there is a supplement for 1 client!

Maximum number of clients: 4 per group.

Weight limit – maximum weight 90kg. We reserve the right to not take a client whose physical condition is, in our opinion, a danger to themselves and their horse.

No client may undertake a safari if under the influence of alcohol or any other form of narcotic. We reserve the right to prevent any client from taking the safari if in the opinion of the guide or manager their condition renders them a danger to themselves and other clients

Age limit – 16 years old, unless in a family group.

Clients should be capable of cantering, galloping and must be physically fit and competent riders

Dress – clients are requested to wear neutral colours, no bright or white colours please. They should wear walking shoes, long trousers, a broad brimmed sun hat and sunscreen are essential


Please note that starting times can be altered to suit your clients – but please let us know.

Summer (August to March) 06.0-0– 6.30 (from 5.30 in very hot weather)


The ride will take place in Victoria Falls National Park and surrounding game areas, through the hills

above Victoria Falls along the outer limits of the Zambezi National Park. Clients will explore hidden

game trails along the banks of the Zambezi, the magnificent Batoka Gorge and ancient Teak forests.

The area is extremely scenic running through Teak Forest, Mopani Woodland and riverine habitat

and supports a variety of game and birds. A day ride provides extended opportunities to learn

about the vegetation, habits and habitats of animals in the area as well as its history and ecology.

Clients will explore a wide ranging area extending from the Zambezi River to the Masuwe.

Lunch is a picnic on the banks of the Zambezi, or the Masuwe River, depending on the time of the year.

Tea, coffee fresh fruit and biscuits are served at the start of the ride, lunch is a picnic, and cold drinks and snacks are served at the end. We carry bottled water and fresh fruit.

Other stuff:

A broad-brimmed hat in canvas or light felt is essential, ventilated if possible. Plain leather or heavy felt is too hot, straw is too fragile. Peaked caps do not shade your head properly.

If you only feel comfortable wearing a helmet, please make sure it is a ventilated one. The sort of lightweight ventilated helmet used for endurance or western riding is ideal, and it must have a peak (Troxel have some good ones). Polo helmets also provide excellent shade!

However do bring shady hat as well.

Please note that all children under 16 MUST wear a helmet. We advise that children bring their own for the best fit. We do have a selection available, but your own is always best.

Again – no black, no white, and no bright colours.

Avoid tight clothing, and shoes – go one size up if anything.

NEVER wear synthetic boots or shoes, always leather or canvas – actually long boots in any form should be avoided, and if you must wear something on your lower leg go for half- chaps……in cotton or canvas for this climate.

If you usually ride in gloves, bring them, they do not take up much space.

Choose your jodhpurs, jeans or riding trousers carefully –not all cuts of jeans are suitable for riding – and you will be in the saddle for long stretches of time. Avoid anything with lumpy seams.

It is important to remember that even in midwinter it can be very hot in the middle of the day, so coolness is of paramount importance

Always wear cotton. There’s nothing cooler. And please no white or bright colours go for fawns, tans, khakis and greens. Very dark colours, black and navy blue are very hot and very uncomfortable to wear for any stretch of time.

Wear a loose fitting cotton shirt with short sleeves and a collar – this will protect your neck and shoulders from sunburn. You are also protected from thorns. Bring a light weight long sleeved one if you are sensitive to sun

Some clients bring a lightweight fleece seat saver, which can make all the difference!

Zambezi Horse Trails

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