Livingstone Rhino Walks


Group Size

Minimum Group Size = 2 (unless paying single supplement)

Maximum Group Size = 8

Maximum number of groups at one time = 2 (i.e. 16 clients)

In the case of 2 groups walking at the same time, they would start and finish together but walk as 2 separate groups.

Maximum number of groups per day = 3 (i.e. 24 clients)

Minimum Age : 14

No Maximum age but must be physically fit

All groups are accompanied by a professional
Walk Safari Guide and an armed ZAWA Escort Scout


Collection Times

Pick up times : A.M. Between 06:30 & 07:00

PM – Between 13:30 & 14:00


It is important clients wear:

1. Suitable Walking shoes – closed with thick soles – no sandals

2. Long Trousers are best but shorts are OK.

3. Again long sleeved shirts are best but sleeveless is OK

4. Most important is colour – no white or bright colours

5. A hat is advisable

6. Sunscreen &/or Repellent as per clients needs


1. The Walk starts with a cup of Tea/Coffee and a Muffin

(Morning walks only)

2. Each client is supplied with a 500ml bottle of cold Mineral Water

3. Approx half way through the Walk the Guide will stop for Fresh

Lemon Juice with Homemade Cake & Biscuits

4. At the end of the Walk the Clients are met with a choice of Cold Soft

Drinks and/or Cold Water.


Trip Duration

Many factors are involved in starting the Walking Safari, which can add

to the overall duration of this activity.

The actual walking time is 3 Hours + transfer both ways + organizing

the Escort Scout + driving to and from the starting/pickup point.

Sometimes it is also difficult to locate the Rhino

Normally the duration is 4 to 4 1⁄2 hours but could be a bit longer.

It would not be advisable to book other activities in the same morning.

If the client has a flight that day, we can make sure they are back in time,

if we are warned in advance.

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