Bungee Jump

One of the best bungee jumps in the world, with a 111 metre plummet towards the Zambezi

The original, the one and only, the must do, the ultimate thrill! 4 seconds of freefall, 111m of Pure Adrenalin! Off the famous Victoria Falls Bridge, with a spectacular backdrop of the majestic Victoria Falls, move to the edge, arms out and 5-4-3-2-1- BUNGEE leaving yourself plummeting towards the rumbling waters of the rapids of the Zambezi River and let the adrenaline flow.

For the more experienced, speak to your Jump Master and make it more adventurous by doing an Ankle-tied Back-flip or Star Elevator…

Only Bungee in Victoria Falls!

Bungee Solo No Tandem option

The Jump

The ankle harness has two components: – Padding to provide protection to the ankles.

– Mountaineering webbing (3,000 kg working load)

The webbing is secured over the padding and around both legs just above the ankles, binding both legs firmly together. The knot used is a self-loading knot.

The client is harnessed up for the jump and is safely attached at all times.

Jumpers are placed in a waist harness with a separate attachment to the bungee cord as a secondary back up and for recovery back to the bridge.

All connections to the bungee cord are made before the platform safety line is removed.

The Jumpers’ weight is transmitted through the ankle harness to the bungi cord, which stretches out to approximately three times the original length.

This elongation provides a gradual deceleration of the jumper’s free-fall without placing any sudden stressful forces on the jumper.

Clients can decide at any stage not to jump.

At no stage is anybody forced to jump or pushed. However, after the registration process has been completed, jumps paid for are considered non refundable and non transferable

Recovery System

After the client has jumped, a recovery operator is lowered down to the jumper, who then attaches a recovery line to the body harness of the jumper.

Both the jumper and operator are then winched back onto the catwalk below the bridge

From March to June when the Victoria Falls are in full flood, operating times will commence at 10h00 due to excess morning spray from the falls over the bridge

* Prices include Zimbabwean Government tourism levy

* Prices exclude Zimbabwean Sales Tax where applicable

* Prices include Zambian VAT if paid direct on the bridge

* US Dollar rate applicable to all nationalities

* ZAC reserve the right to amend prices without notice

Minimum age:

6 years for Slide

14 years or 40kg (88 pounds) in weight for Bungee & Swing

Maximum weight:

140 kg (308 pounds) for Bungee & Swing [Low water]
130 kilograms (286 pounds) [High water]

200kg for Slide

Health conditions:
Please advise us if you have any of the following health conditions:


High blood pressure

Heart conditions
Acute or chronic knee/back injuries ‑ Epilepsy

Border Formalities:

The Victoria Falls Bridge lies in “no mans land” between the Zimbabwean and Zambian Border Posts. Jumpers, sliders, swingers, spectators, etc. must indicate to the immigration officials that they are only proceeding onto the bridge and then returning through the same border post. Immigration officials will then issue a gate pass without stamping of the passport.

Sufficient time must be allowed for to get from Vic Falls/Livingstone town to the border, through Customs & Immigration, then down to the bridge and up to the registration area to check in. As such, clients should leave town ONE HOUR before their appointed jump time.

ComboforBridge Swing, Slide and Tour

Safety Issues

50,000 people make the leap each year from Vic Falls Bridge and in 10 years there has only been one incident and that was neither fatal or even resulted in any broken bones.
The probability of an incident is one in 500,000 jumps

Bungee snaps over Zambezi River– from the operations company

We wish to advise that on the 31st of December 2011 at about 17.30 hours there was an incident at the Victoria Falls Bridge whereby a bungee cord broke which resulted in a tourist from Australia falling into the water from a height of approximately 20 metres. The lady was able to swim to the Zimbabwe side of the river and was then rescued by the bridge crew and a local medical response team. She sustained relatively minor injuries, mostly bruising and has no broken bones.

BBC VideoBungee cord snaps above crocodile-infested waters

As usual the media lie through their teeth, the water current below the falls and in most of Batoka Gorge is far too strong for any self respecting crocodile to squat in.

The steps takeninclude the daily load-testing of the bungee cords to confirm their strength and thorough inspections of the bungee cords after every 75 jumps

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