Upper Zambezi Canoe Trails

Upper Zambezi Canoe Trails¬

Year round Canoeing Trails above the Victoria Falls alongside the Zambezi  Park

The Canoeing Trail operates above the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe on the stretch of the Zambezi River between Siansimba Islands and the National Park entrance, running along the banks of the Zambezi National Park

The rapids are small and at their peak are only classed as grade two, which is the second easiest grade.


This section of the river is quite unlike the better-known section below Lake Kariba. ¬†The Upper Zambezi River is regarded as FREE FLOW as a dam does not control it and as such the water is subject to seasonal variation. ¬

Floods begin in November and normally peak in April / May. Therefore, throughout the season the route varies as new channels open with the rise in water level. ¬ The Upper Zambezi has numerous heavily wooded islands, which are dissected by channels that may be several kilometres in length and vary in width from one to twenty metres.

¬ The vegetation predominantly consists of ebonies, waterberries, palms and a tremendous variety of acacia and albizia. ¬

¬ The Canoe Trail passes along the banks of the Zambezi National Park, where clients have a good opportunity of viewing various species of animals, such as Elephants, Buffalo, Impala, Kudu, Hippo, Crocodile etc.

The birdlife is prolific with at least 50 common species of bird that can be seen from your canoe.

Minimum and Maximum Numbers:¬ Minimum number is 2 pax and maximum of 20 pax.
Larger groups on request using canoes and inflatable rafts.

Age Restrictions:  The minimum age for canoe trips is 10 years, subject to lifejacket fitting
There is no maximum age.
Management retains the right to refuse a child who they feel is unsuitable for the activity for any reason whatsoever.

Availability:¬ Canoeing trips are available 365 days a year. However, during the rainy season (December to March) we may not be able to run the trip if there has been large quantities of rain as the roads become impassable so we are unable to drive to the canoe put in and take out points.

 Clients are picked up from their lodging and transferred to our Lodge for check in.

Pick up from Vic Falls Accommodation:¬ Between 15h30-16h00
Drop off at Vic Falls Accommodation:   Between 18h30-19h00

Clients enjoy a short game drive to the float start point at the Minefields. The transfer is approximately 15 minutes.
On arrival clients are given a safety talk by a professional river guide.
Clients use Canadian canoes with two people per canoe and each canoe has a paddler.
There is a professional guide per trip who will explain the wildlife, birdlife, flora & fauna during the trip.
Please note that the paddlers are not guides, they may have some knowledge of the area, but the guide/s will be the one giving out information and answering questions from clients

Clients spend anywhere up to 1.5 hours on the water (water level dependant).
Clients are offered snacks and drinks (Beer, wine, soft drinks) during the wine route
The trip ends at the Big Tree take out point. ¬†Clients are transferred back to their respective lodging by 18h30/19h00 (approximately 10 minutes to Vic Falls Hotels)¬ ¬

Daily Canoe Safaris:¬

Pick up from Vic Falls Accommodation:¬ ¬ Between 06h45-07h00
Drop off at Vic Falls Accommodation:    Between 14h00-14h30

Turnaround Trip duration is approx 7 hours.

The Canoeing Trail operates above the Victoria Falls on the 15km stretch of the Zambezi River between Chundu and the Minefields take out point next to the National Park entrance, running along the banks of the Zambezi National Park.


¨    Clients are picked up from lodging and transferred to Adventure Lodge for check in.

¨   Clients enjoy a game drive from the national parks entrance (approximately 40 minutes) to the canoe start point, which is upriver at the Chundu campsite.

¨    On arrival clients are given a safety talk by a professional river guide.

¨    During the safety briefing clients will be served a light breakfast, with Tea and Coffee.

¨    Clients then practise their paddling skills before setting off on their canoe safari.

¨    Please note that clients will paddle themselves down the river, following their professional Canoe Guide, who will lead them done the various channels of the Zambezi river.

¨    Clients then canoe the channels of the Zambezi river, exploring and experiencing the diverse flaura, fauna, birdlife and wildlife in this area.

¨    Lunch is served on the banks of the Zambezi and consists of cold meats, rolls, salad and orange juice.

¨    The trip ends at the Mine fields take out point.  Clients are transferred back to their respective lodging by 14h30 (approximately 10 minutes to Vic Falls Hotels).



Canoe Camping Safaris¬

Overnight, 2 day / 1 night, 2 day / 2 night and 3 day / 2 night safaris are on offer on a request basis only unless pre-booked and are largely water level dependent. Min numbers for these trips are 4

Client Requirements

The appropriate dress required is shorts, T-Shirts, shoes, sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat.  Dry bags are provided for cameras and valuables.


For the standard and Multi day Canoe trips, the types of canoes used are the Inflatable crocodile canoes, double sided paddles and X-treme high flotation life jackets. For groups, we can use 16 foot inflatable rafts. For the wine route we use the Canadian type canoes, each being powered by a guide or paddler

Experience and Fitness

No previous experience is required and clients need not be proficient swimmers.


Videos and Photographs

Videos and photographs will be provided on request for group bookings only and will be shown the same evening.


Guides and Safety

Guides are licensed, fully trained and all hold valid first aid certificates. Whilst every precaution is taken, it is essential that agents make clients aware that an indemnity form must be signed before participating on these safari’s. A comprehensive first aid kit is carried on each trip. The trip leader is in radio and cell phone contact with our base in Victoria Falls and direct with M.A.R.S. (Medical Air Rescue Service).



All clients are covered by Medical Air Rescue Services (MARS) through Adventure Zone, however, this only covers them for emergency evacuation in life threatening situations from the accident site to the local clinic/hospital.  It does not cover their hospitalisation and medication expenses.  As such travel and medical insurance is COMPULSORY for all clients.  Please ensure clients bring the details of their insurance policy with them.  Adventure Zone will not cover clients expenses, should they not have insurance.


Public Liability

Our activities are all covered by a US$ 2 000 000 Public Liability Insurance Policy with SATIB and this is underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Daily Trail¬ Year Round
One Day and Overnight Canoe Safari

¬ 2 Day, 1 Night Canoe Safari¬ ¬

2 Day, 2 Night Canoe Safari

3 Day, 2 Night Canoe Safari

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