African Safari

African safaris, lodgings, tours and travels in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe

  • Africa is safari country: strangely bewitching in it’s diverse landscapes, its wildlife, its many and splendid tree and bird species as well as its flora and fauna.

Welcome to Chobe Playground¬ ¬ :¬ ¬†¬ Chobe River Boats for hire¬†¬

  • A game drive or cruise to see God’s gifts
  • Elephant at play by the water’s edge
  • Shy buck and lowing buffalo
  • Towering giraffe
  • Bushpigs with tails in the air, babies scurrying after
  • A hyena loping past the predators wake…

African Animals slideshows¬

Bird Species found on the Chobe river Botswana Well to be honest, birds know nothing about visas and custom officers so lets call it African Birds

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