Elephant Express – Hwange

Rail Transfer to Safari camps along boundary of Hwange Park

A unique transfer experience by rail to Bomani & Camelthorn Safari Camps from Dete

The Elephant Express, complete with teak tables,transports 22 passengers to a bygone era (when safari by rail was part of the adventure)along the park’s northern boundary.


Sometimes you have to wait for theLine King.


Elephant-express rail-transfers for Bomani & Camelthorn Safari camps



Transports 22 passengers to a bygone era (when safari by rail was part of the adventure)


Rail-transfers-on-the-elephant-express – one of the world’s straightest rail lines


The elephant express is great fun for kids

** Please note the Elephant Express has to run according to scheduling specified by the National Railways of Zimbabwe and as such may be subject to delays and cancellations, which are beyond our control.

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