South Africa

At the tip of Africa, where the scenery is stunning, the wine is world class and the rainbow nation is open for business.
Safari to Kruger or kick back on a coach tour around South Africa. Come and visit the African Penguins or climb up Table Mountain. We are waiting for you.

south african map
map of botswana


In Botswana you can discover mind boggling wildlife, take an adventure camping safari or a river boat holiday. Catch a tiger or watch the annual wildbeest and zebra migration.
Count hundreds of migratory birds or watch star studded skies in the Kalahari.


From the buzz and excitement of Victoria Falls to the tranquil eastern Highlands; from the
holiday lake that is Kariba with its cruise boats and exceptional tiger fishing; from the hauntingly beautiful Matopos to the wildlife in Hwange – Zimbabwe welcomes you.


discover Victoria Falls and 16 other mangificent waterfalls. Take your safari experience to new heights on a walking safari, tracking spoor, getting up close and becoming one with the bush. Fish, golf, cruise, canoe, bungi, walk a cheetah and a whole lot more.

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