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We offer two styles of camping safaris: Semi Participation Safaris and Fully Serviced Safaris Participation

Semi Participation Guest Info

Semi-participatory safaris – means that you are only asked to carry your own luggage to / from your tent and to put up / take down your own ‘user-friendly’ tent

Fully Serviced

The Fully Serviced Safari is a non-participation safari, where the Bush Ways team will carry out all the necessary camp chores to keep the safari running smoothly. The tents are large (3mx3m) canvas dome tents with camp beds and bedding provided. Each tent has an ensuite bush toilet and shower.

Personal Equipment

• Passport and valid visas – it is your responsibility to arrange visas
• Warm sleeping bag. A sleeping bag and small pillow can be hired
 Torch with spare batteries and bulbs – a head torch is a good idea
• Hat/cap and gloves in winter months (May – Sept)
• Warm jacket/fleece/jumper – windproof in winter months (May – Sept), waterproof in summer months (Nov – Mar)
• Swimming costume & Towel
• Natural clothing (i.e. no bright colours and no white), t-shirts, shorts, a pair of lightweight long trousers and a lightweight long sleeve shirt (long sleeves are extremely useful for sun protection during the day and mosquito protection during the evening)
• Please note that camouflage printed clothing is okay for the bush but please do not to wear in towns or when crossing borders
• Comfortable walking shoes and flip flops/sandals
• Camera equipment, binoculars, lots of spare batteries and spare memory cards are essential as the opportunity to download photos is limited.
• Water bottle and a small day pack for walks


• One large kit bag (preferably a rucksack or a bag with soft sides)
• One item of hand luggage (e.g. a small backpack)
• Main luggage: max. weight = 12kg, max. size = 700mm x 350mm x 350mm
• Please do not bring hard suitcases as they are very difficult to pack in trailers and can pose a problem for any light aircraft flights you may take as part of your safari
• If you are travelling with us to the Delta we request that you take only what you need for the 2/3 nights in a smaller pack. You can leave the large bag with the vehicle which will be locked and secure

Travel Documentation

• Valid passport – it must have at least 6 months validity before your passport expires and at least 6 blank visa pages
• Citizens of certain countries are required to obtain a visa before travelling to Botswana. Please note that certain visas can take up to 3 months to be processed so please consider this when booking
• For up-to-date visa requirements please check with your travel consultant and/or Embassy

Safari Vehicle
 * The safari vehicle utilised is a custom fitted 4 x 4 vehicle

Toiletries and First Aid

• Personal toiletries and medications in a small bag, not a vanity case
• Sunscreen lotion and block out for the face
• Botswana is considered a malaria area and preventative medications should be taken
• Malaria prophylaxis
• Mosquito repellents / lotion / spray
• Toilet paper (this is only necessary if you prefer 2 or 3 ply toilet paper)
• Waterproof/zip lock bags for storing personal items and camera cards to keep dust free and/or dry.
• Personal First Aid Kit

Please note: A First Aid Kit will be present throughout the safari but personal medicines must be brought for the duration of the safari

Safaris are equipped with the luxuries required for travel comfort and peaceful relaxation (custom-built safari vehicles, a mobile kitchen serving good wholesome food with an African flavour and ice-cold drinks for that tropical sundowner) while still maintaining the exhilarating adventurous spirit of the pioneer.

The vehicle model we have come to trust is a Landrover Defender TD5. We strip the vehicles apart and made them 2m wide and 5 m long. This now allows us to seat up to 16 guests. However, to make it even more comfortable, we have limited our maximum capacity to 12 guests on our Semi Participation Safaris and a maximum of 9 guests on our Fully Serviced Safaris. This allows plenty of space on each row for daypacks, camera equipment and space between guests. Each vehicle has 4 rows with a maximum of 3 guests per row for increased guest comfort and space. Our seats are bench seats to allow for great flexibility and are not bucket seats which can be restricting. Each vehicle has coil springs with double shocks – this reduces the bouncing felt by guests on very bumpy bush roads.

Another crucial feature beside the comfort and provided space is visibility out of the vehicle. All our Safari Vehicles are fitted with a windscreen that can be placed flat on the bonnet so guests can enjoy unobstructed views/photographic opportunities on game drives. Further the canvas roof is removable, which enables guests to stand up on seats and enjoy the sights and smells of the African bush from a higher perspective. Perspex windows can be easily put up to protect against the cold and rain or wind on long drives. There is no separation between the guide and the guests which allows for communication and interaction between the guest/guide at any time.

Additionally, we also provide extra features which we found important during a safari. Every vehicle has a fridge for cold beverages for that perfect sun downers or a cool drink during game drives in the hot African Bush. There is an inverter (220VAC with two pin euro plug adapter) that guests are welcome to use to charge camera batteries. The side door can be folded down completely and provides easy access and exits – which is more convenient than climbing up and down a high vehicle as it is with the usual safari vehicles

All our customised safari vehicles are extra wide allowing for more seating space and have:

Folding windscreen

Removable canvas roof

Perspex windows for the cold and rain

Fridge for cold beverages

Folding side door

Comfortable coil spring suspension

120L water tank with tap

Open sides for unobstructed views.

Our custom designed vehicles and trailers are ideally suited for photographic safaris in the African bush.

– Chair box for easy access

– Easy modular packing system – saves time

– Folding side table complete with full kitchen behind

Camping equipment

Tents are 2.1m x 2.1m x 1.75m easy-to-erect bow tents, which have treated mosquito mesh covering all the windows and doors.

Provided are 5cm high-density foam camping mattresses for each guest

Bush ablutions consist of high-slung bucket showers and bush toilets with private canvas screens.

– 200V/2pin (round) power units are available on vehicles to recharge cameras. Please bring  suitable adapters.

Please note that there are Internet cafes/photo shops that will download digital photos in Maun

– High slung bucket showers

– 2.1m x 2.1m x 1.75m easy-to-erect bow tents which have treated mosquito mesh covering all the windows and doors.

– Comfortable 5cm high density foam camping mattresses

– 3m x 3m x 1.95m bow tents which have treated mosquito mesh covering all the windows and doors.

– Comfortable camp bed with bedrolls and bedding for each guest.

– En-suite bush ablutions consist of high slung bucket showers and bush toilets with private canvas screens

Life at camp / on safari

Meals are served in a tranquil setting next to the campfire in the African bush. Traditional meals are prepared on the open fire by the camp assistant.(towels are also provided).

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