Elephant Song Trail

A unique safari experience on private concession bordering Moremi, Khwai river and Chobe National Park

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[table]The Experience[table]
■ track elephants
■ sleep in unique hides overlooking a very active waterhole
■ walk on the islands bordering Moremi
■ excellent chances of seeing leopard, lion and wild dog as well as other big game

■ 4 night walking safari (1 night at Hyena Pan, 2 nights on “The Platforms”, 1 final night at Hyena Pan
■ The walking safari tracks some of the oldest bull elephants in Khwai, to get up close and experience a day in the lives of these magnificent creatures.
■ Depending on the fitness level of the slowest member of the group we will judge the walks. A minimum walk is 7km over the course of the day. Usually an 8am start to the end of the day at around 2.30pm to 3.30pm.
■The Platforms” are three elevated semi thatched hides with a shower and loo under each hide, incorporating a private changing area.
The hides overlook the water hole, 70 meters from the
edge of the water. Numerous game frequents the waterhole : elephant, buffalo, roan ,kudu, giraffe to name a few

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