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Walking safaris offer a multi sensory safari experience – whether in South Luangwa the home of walking safaris, or Botswana and Hwange, all your senses will be on high alert listening for the crack of a branch to announce elephants in the area or tracking fresh lion spoor – its an all day every day adventure in the wild.

Botswana walking safari

Botswana Walking Safari
US$ 2 330

a Botswana walking safaris is not just game viewing on foot, it is an incredible experience; where every sound and smell is a message that signals wildlife is close by

Hwange national park walking safari

Hwange Walking Trails
US$ 932 to US$ 1 164

adventure walking trails in Hwange offer a true wilderness experience in remote areas walking through thorn scrub, over rocky terrain and water courses in search of lion, buffalo, elephant cheetah

South Luangwa Zambia walking

South Luangwa Walking
US$ 6 485

South Luangwa – the ultimate in walking safaris, remote and varied habitats with the the Luangwa river the lifeblood of the park and home to leopard, lion, hippo, elephant, giraffe, buffalo

Lower Zambezi National Park

Lower Zambezi trails
US$ 153

walking trails from a lodge base within the Chiawa Game Management area, a scenic wilderness with diverse wildlife and an opportunity to explore more the the Lower Zambezi national park

Walking Safaris Zimbabwe

Walking Safari Gonaerazhou

walking in the Gonarezhou National Park is a truly wild place – remote, rugged and beautiful landscapes – 36 different mammal specie with regular sightings of lion, leopard and wild dog