Canoeing Lower Zambezi river from Zambia

Choose a Lower Zambezi canoe Trip operating on the Zambian Side of the river.

Experience wild stretches of this amazing river. Sleep at night on remote islands, get really close to wildlife, have fun, make friends and take home memories to last a lifetime.

Great Zambezi canoe safari

Great Zambezi Canoeing
6 days / 163 kms
US$ 1, 450 per person

Canoeing the entire length of the floodplains of the Lower Zambezi to Mupata gorge and ending where the Zambezi and Luangwa rivers meet.Operating all year round, camping on remote islands and gorges.

island trail canoe safari

Island Trail
4 days / 72 kms
US$ 680 per person

a popular island hopping canoe safari through the Mana Pools flood plains from Chirundu to the Chongwe confluence. Enjoy the best that the Zambezi river has to offer. operational 01 March thru to mid December.

Kiambi canoeing

Kiambi Canoeing

select from either one night or multiple nights canoeing from a camp base on the lower Zambezi. Canoeing downstream to where the best game viewing areas can be found.

2 night canoeing trail lower zambezi

2 Night Canoe Trail
3 days / 56 kms –US$ 510 per person

ideal for those short on time but still wishing to have that Zambezi river canoe experience. Operational from March to December.