White Water Rafting Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

Zambezi white water rafting with Grade 5 rapids at Victoria Falls.  Full or half day taking on the wildest whitewater run in the world. The Zambezi is a high volume, pool drop river, so expect long and difficult rapids, steep gradients.
With rapid names such as Devil’s Toilet Bowl and Gnashing Jaws of Death this is going to be one helluva ride.

Day Trip Rafting on the Zambezi

is seasonal and dependent on rainfall and water levels
rafting is stopped if the water levels get too high and rafting becomes unsafe
The pathway descends into the gorge right next to the Victoria Falls Bridge. Rafts are launched above rapid # 1. This gives you fantastic views of Victoria Falls
There is a walk of about 70 metes vertical, into and out of the gorge
White Water Rafting is suitable for most clients minimum age is 15 years
the ability to swim is not essential; however non-swimmers should inform the Trip Leader at the briefing
a detailed safety briefing will be conducted before each trip
the oarsman for the trip explains what to do if the raft flips, how to help each other out of the water and what conditions to expect. He always gives the worst case scenario so that people know what to expect from the trip and, therefore, have the choice to forego their trip after the safety talk

Rates Valid to 31 December 2019 – High or Low Water
US$ 120 per person

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