Lunar Rainbow Experience Vic Falls

Victoria Falls has regular lunar rainbows, also called Moon Bows.
All you need to know about this spectacle of light is given below.

How the Moonbow occurs

When the moon is full, the sky is relatively clear and the Victoria Falls are at their peak flow, (Jan to May) huge rainbows appear through the mist at night.

Victoria Falls is one of the very few places where you can view this phenomenon.

This unique event, is visible the day before, the day of and the day after the full moon.

The lunar rainbow is best seen at times of high water Jan to July.
The months of March, April, May, June and July are ideal as clear skies are normal and the waters have subsided

It is then that the light of the moon is refracted through the mists that rise up from the base of Victoria Falls

During high water on the Zimbabwe side you will be soaked with spray as sheets of endless water thunder into the Zambezi below.

The sound is deafening as over ten million litres of water a second plunge 100 metres over the edge. (Jan to March)

At the rising of the full moon the park stays open late, on both sides of the Falls and tour operators also offer special tours

Ma Nature doesn’t charge a red cent for the most incredible sights of all, a moonlit rainbow over the Falls and magic sunsets over the Zambezi River Activities

The year 2018 will be a bumper year for extra special moon phases with 2 blue moons in one year and a black moon in February.

Pre-booking not required
best to go to entrance – night before Full moon or after

2019 Full moon dates
21 March; 19 April; 18 May ; 17 June; 16 July; 15 August; 14 September; 13 October; 12 November; 12 December

A night time moon rainbow or moonbow is created by the light of a full moon and water particles from the mist of a waterfall

To look on the delicate Lunar Rainbow, which the light of the moon shining through the spray creates, is a natural wonder without equal

When the Moon is Full, it rises at sunset and is visible all night long.

At the end of the night, the Full Moon sets just as the Sun rises.

The Rainforest gates are open the night before, during and after the full moon.
Visitors MUST show proof of Nationality when entering the Victoria Falls Rainforest.

Zimbabwe Park guides will escort you to designated stopping points.

Time is allowed for photographs of this beautiful natural sight.

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