Walk with Lion at Victoria Falls

A lion encounter is more than just a walk. Its a programe to re-introduce offspring back into the wild.
Its also good fun to be part of the pride and walk them in the wild, playing with one another, alert when they hear something in the bush. Beside what other opportunity will you have to encounter these magnificent animals.

Walking with Lions

• Feel the freedom that these amazing cats enjoy in the wild.
• You will have the opportunity to walk, interact and observe the cubs in their natural environment.
• Learn many interesting facts about the lions from your professional guide who has been around these African cats for most of his life.
•Remember – you are not taking the lions for a walk … the lions are allowing you to be part of their pride for a while; providing one of the most awesome, truly wild adventures you will find anywhere.

Rates are per adult valid to 31 December 2019

US$ 150 per person

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