Bungee Jump at Victoria Falls in Africa

The call is 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 Bungee and off you go.
One of the best bungee jumps in the world with the Victoria Falls as the backdrop.
Its 111-meters and 4 seconds of pure adrenalin as you plummet towards the Zambezi river below you – before being bounced back to reality.

Bungi jumping off the Victoria Falls Bridge is an adrenaline busting, heart stopping moment. You are welcome to scream and don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful scenery all around you.

The Victoria Falls bungee is perhaps the greatest bungee in the world, 111 metres and 4 minutes of pulsing buzz.

As you freefall heading for the Zambezi river below, and just just when you think you might actually go for a swim, you are winched back up and your heart beat returns to normal.

Victoria Falls Bungi Jump – Quick Overview

Location: Victoria Falls Border Bridge
Availability: 365 days per year
Transfers: n/a
Times: 0900 to 1700 (10h00 Start in High Water) * During the rainy season (November to February) jumping may be interrupted by rain

For the “adrenaline junkies”Big Air experience

You can combine Bungee with a Swing and Slide called The Big Air Experience. Buying the Combo for ALL 3 crazy activities saves a whopping amount of money
Times: 0900 to 1700 Low water July to Feb

From March to June, when the Victoria Falls are in full flood, bungee jump operating times will commence at 10 A.M.

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