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Livingstone See & Do

Tourist attractions on the Zambian side of the Victoria Falls

Village Tours

Dr David Livingstone visited this village on more than one occasion, sitting under a giant mango tree in the middle of the square, to meet with the current chief. As the Chief viewed David Livingstone as an unbeliever, he was not allowed into the chief’s compound.

It was also two men from this village, long time retainers of David Livingstone, who carried his body all the way to the coast after he died near Lake Bangweulu. The descendants of these men still live in the village.


Visit the Victoria Falls Parks Rainforest on the dates indicated and enjoy magical unforgettable night experience in a guided moonlight viewing tour of the Falls.
2018 Full moon for Moonbow –Lunar Calendar

March 2 & 31: April 30: May 29 : June 28 : July 27 : Aug 26 : Sept 24 : Oct 24 : Nov 23 : Dec 22

A night time moon rainbow or moonbow is created by the light of a full moon and water particles from the mist of a waterfall.
To look on the delicate Lunar Rainbow, which the light of the moon shining through the spray creates, is a natural wonder without equal

When the Moon is Full, it rises at sunset and is visible all night long. At the end of the night, the Full Moon sets just as the Sun rises

The Rainforest gates are open the night before and after the full moon.
Visitors MUST show proof of Nationality when entering the Victoria Falls Rainforest

Gwembe Croc Farm

just a few kms from Livingstone on the way to the Falls, view some of Livingstone’s most notorious man-eating crocodiles as well as a fascinating collection of Zambia’s most dangerous venomous snakes.

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