Elephant Trails

Elephant Trail, Lion & Cheetah safaris

An exciting combination of activities for all the family to enjoy.

An elephant back safari takes you on a ride atop one of Africa’s giants – an awesome and memorable experience as you amble through the bush with the herd.

Combine the elephant safari with a walk with lions.
For something completely different and unique, a walk with cheetahs and watching them run on a lure.
Wow – don’ blink as their speed will leave you breathless.


Elephant trails, lion and cheetah safaris are based 3 kms from the Victoria Falls.

Getting to Know You

After meeting the herd and interaction with the elephant, guests are assisted in climbing on board for a walk through natural bush. Enjoy this opportunity as you meander along, stopping along the way for the elephants to snack on close by bushes.

Walking with Cheetahs

A walk with the fastest land animal is a unique and memorable experience.

Listen to them purr and then watch as a “lure” is released and the sheer elegance and speed of this cat is showcased as they race at 70 mp/h.

Still with the big cats, experience inter-acting with the lions and walking side by side. Watch their behaviour in their natural habitat as they sniff, smell, prod and investigate their surroundings.

Conservation Programs

These combined safaris will provide you with the ultimate African experience, giving you memories to cherish forever.
We invite you to follow our conservation program so that together we can ensure that our future generations can also experience the privilege of walking with cheetahs.

Fees from these safaris go directly in feeding the animals, veterinarian bills, breeding of the cheetah and lions for ultimate release back into the wild, as well as local community initiatives and education programs.

Please note that the animals used in these programs spend most of their time during the day out in the bush.
The cheetahs also acts as ambassador for the Cheetah Conservation Project when visiting local schools and communities.

Morning safaris between 06h15 – 06h30
Mid morning safaris between 08h45 – 09h00
Afternoon safaris between 15h15 – 15h30
Minimum of 2 guests required for elephant ride
Children under 12 pay half price on elephant ride
Elephants: children of 3 years and above must be accompanied by parent
Lions: minimum age 15 years and/or 1.5 metre height and must be accompanied by adult
Cheetah: minimum age 8 years and must be accompanied by parent

Rates per person valid to 30 November 2018

Elephant ride – US$ 165
Elephant interaction – US$ 100
Lion walk – US$ 140
Lion & cheetah cub interaction – US$ 50
Elephant, cheetah and lion combo – US$ 270

Guests Reviews for Elephant Trail, Lion & Cheetah Safaris
5 Star – Best experience I have ever had!! This is a must and the staff is top notch!! Incredible all the way around….Experience of a Lifetime!

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