Livingstone Island - Picnic at Devils Pool

Livingstone Island and Devils Pool – the ultimate adventure thrill.

Make your way across to the Pool where you will have the most unbelievable excitement of swimming in the infinity pool on the edge of the Zambezi before it tumbles down into the Victoria Falls. This activity available on the Zambian side only

Livingstone Island

Is a 5-8 minutes boat ride from the Royal Livingstone Hotel.
Located in the middle of the Zambezi River, it touches the lip of the Victoria Falls, where the water thunders down the 103m drop. Access to this unique Island is seasonal and depends entirely on the water level in the Zambezi River.

The Devil’s Pool at the Falls’ brink – a small lagoon enclosed by rocks where, in the dry season,some people swim and even climb up on the very lip of the Devils Arm Chair

All visits to the island are during the ‘low water’ season, which usually begins in mid July and goes through to the end of January.
High water visits are not possible as the island is continuously covered in the spray/downpour from the Victoria Falls.

The trip includes a short guided tour of the island, viewing the Victoria Falls and a light snack depending on the time of the morning visits.

Maximum capacity : 16
pre booking is essential

Rates per person valid to 31 December 2018

Morning Tea : US$ 105
Lunch tour : US$ 170
Afternoon Tea : US$ 145


Morning Breezer
07h30; 09h00 & 10h30 departures from Royal Livingstone

Lunch Tour

12h30 departure from Royal Livingstone

Afternoon High Tea
15h30 departure from Royal Livingstone

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