Zimbabwe Climate and Weather

Zimbabwe is in the tropics but elevated for some relief from summer temperatures

masuma dam hwange national park zimbabwe
Masumu Dam - Hwange National Park - Zimbabwe

Rains ... summer rains and dry winters...

The dry season generally runs from May to October through the southern fall (autumn), winter and into spring.
The summer wet season itself, also referred to as the "green season", generally starting with fresh rains in November heralds the arrival of migrant birds as mammals disperse in search of fresh growth - the bush gets thick, insects flourish, birding improves, game viewing deteriorates.
The summer rains are generally characterized by torrential downpours followed by sunshine during the day.
Deep rains and flood conditions, if they occur, hammer us in January and February. The rivers take time to swell and peak in March and April

Temperatures ... moderate winters, hot summers..

Winter - months of May to August.
The cooler months of Mayl to August when the weather is beautiful one day and perfect the next, are very pleasant. As an example, a mid-winter rafting expedition can be tackled in shorts, rafters and T-shirt with a fleece and joggers to ward off the evening chill - temperatures at this time will rarely drop below 13 degrees Celsius in the low lying regions (Lowveld)

In the Highveld ( Central Zimbabwe ) night time tempratures can be very cold at night, but pleasantly warm, under clear blue skies, during the day and by 10 a.m you shed your jackets and enjoy the almost perfect temperature

Extremely high temperatures are experienced in the Lowveld just before the rains. Locals regard October and November as "suicide months" with day time temperatures exceeding 40 degrees and not dropping below 30 degrees for nights on end. In mid November our rains usually start. It's a release from about six weeks of hell for local residents and insects alike!

Mid November to March is hot but moderated by rains usually in the form of afternoon thunderstorms



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