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Safari Packing list for Zambia

A comprehensive vacation packing guide for your Zambian safari

Over-packing easily heads the list of biggest travel mistakes

Some Airlines will allow only one bag/per passenger, weighing up to 23 kg in the hold. Passengers arriving with extra bags will pay heavy

walking safari south luangwa
walking safari - South Luangwa - Zambia


We recommend that you take comfortable, casual, wash-and-wear clothing. White and bright colours should be avoided. Please take soft bags as these are easier for packing in the vehicles and aircraft. Evening dresses are not necessary

In the bigger hotels gentlemen may wear a jacket for dinner. The following list below will tell you all the supplies you might need; whether you need to buy contacts or other medical supplies, additional clothing, as well as other gear for your safari.

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Passport   Traveler's Checks   Airline Tickets   Student cards  
Visas   Credit Cards   Health Documentation   Emergency Info  
Visit Doctor   Foreign Currency   Extra ID   Photocopies of important documents  
Insurance Info   US or €  Cash   Int'l Driver's License  

Band Aids   Antiseptic Toilettes   Calamine Lotion   Malaria Pills  
Adhesive Tape   Antibiotic Cream   Sunscreen:   Antacid  
Bandage   Insect Repellent   Tweezers   Foot Powder  
Birth Control   Antihistamine Cream   Scissors   Aspirin  
Diarrhea Medi   Multi Vitamins   Cold Medicine   Tampons/Pads  

Soap   Washing powder - for clothes   Towel  
Shampoo   Shaving Kit   Contact Lens Preparation  
Deodorant   Toothbrush & Paste   Lotions/Skin Creams  
Mirror   Sink Stopper   Comb/Brush  
Toilet Paper   Q-Tips   Fingernail Clippers  

CLOTHING:    Think light, durable, breathable & layers - cotton, wool, silk & polypropylene. 
1x Sun hat   2 long sleeved shirts:   underwear and socks  
1 tracksuit   5 T-shirts   swimming costume  
1 sweater   2 pairs or jeans / trousers   1 pair of sandals  
1 warm jacket   3 x pairs of shorts   1 pair of good walking shoes  

Plastic Zip-Lock travel Bags   Money Belt/ Neck pouch for Passport   Camera & Accessories  
Padlock/Keys   Tickets & Cash   Padded Case  
Luggage Tags   Binoculars [ Good pair]   Lenses  
Water Purifier or Iodine Tablets   Extra Batteries   Film - lots of it  

Sleeping bag   Travel Alarm/Watch   Calculator  
Flashlight & Extra Batteries   Sunglasses/Case/Strap   Journal  
Candle   Voltage Converter   Pen  
Water Bottle   Swiss Army Knife   Reading Materials  
Door Jammer   Lighter/Matches   Bird and animal books  
Travel Hair Dryer   Plastic bag for dirty cloths   Travel Guides/Maps  
Rain gear (advisable from Nov to April)   Round pin plug adapter - 220 volts  

Lots of patience - A good attitude - A friendly smile
And maybe looking at prepaid cell phones that work internationally to bring along on your trip

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