Limpopo-Lipadi : Buy a Game Lodge

Buy Shares in Limpopo-Lipadi , a shareholder-owned, 32,500 hectare private game and wilderness reserve located in the Tuli Block, south-eastern Botswana


The vision for the reserve is to become a "breeding basket" for endangered species

Are you passionate about wildlife and nature conservation in Africa?

 Would you like to participate in endangered species breeding projects, such as rhino and wild dog, on your own private Game Reserve in Botswana?

 Would you take ownership of an authentic wilderness on the banks of the Limpopo river, to preserve for generations to come, to enjoy when and as you like, without maintaining it yourself?


The first man-reared wild dog puppies which has been successfully trained and released to do their own hunting

Any interested parties could contact Jacques de Bruin via the below website for detailed information on shareholder /membership participation

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Limpopo-Lipadi shareholders own shares in a public Botswana company owning 32,450 hectares within a common fence and are part of the Limpopo-Lipadi Game and Wilderness Reserve Association, members of which have prohibited farming or hunting on their land and are bound together by a common vision of wildlife conservation

It offers an opportunity for those passionate about African wildlife to become directly involved as a shareholder / co-owner

In a nutshell, Limpopo-Lipadi stands for:

  • Protecting and conserving African wildlife
  • The freedom to experience the bush as you like it - including self-guided trails
  • Opportunities to develop your skills and knowledge - from animals to birds, archeology to bugs, local culture to the stars above, and more
  • High quality lodges and a fantastic range of activities that create unforgettable experiences - whether you want to explore the bush from dawn to dusk or just relax
  • Being involved with all of this at whatever level you like - from online discussions to hands-on game captures
  • Working together with, and uplifting, local communities - to create a sustainable project benefiting all
  • Joining an international community of similarly passionate friends - and enjoying the bush with them
  • Guide African Animals
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