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Fish River Canyon Camping & Hike- bookings

Fish River Canyon. and Namid Rand Hiking Trails

fish river canyon


diverse canyon scenery
high plateau with 360-degree panoramic views
swimming and fishing in natural pools
the fascinating plant and animal world of the Nama Karoo Desert

Participants minimum 4 / maximum 12 guests

Children from 12 years old
Time 15 April to 15 September
(other dates on request)
Total distance approx. 45 kms
Stages 10 - 16 km
6 to8 hours walking per day (including breaks)
Check In / Check Out Klipspringer Base Camp
Gondwana Canyon Park
650 kms from Windhoek

Slackpacking Fish River Canyon

ZAR 2, 400 per person
approx. US$ 170 / Euro 161

Slackpacking - Book Now with Afrizim

itinerary Klipspringer Trail
gallery Slackpacking Trail

Package includes
Serviced overnight camps, with a water supply, self-catering facilities and a set amount of firewood
Communal bathrooms with flushable toilets and hot showers (water is heated by a ‘donkey’ burner)
- Equipped kitchen facilities with crockery and cutlery, cabins with mattresses (canvas- covered)
A radio to contact the Base Camp, in the case of an emergency
A pencil flare, to announce location in the case of evacuation at night
A trunk, to be used to pack belongings and supplies
Each trunk will contain a bed sheet, available for the hiker to use
Daily collection and delivery of trunks


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