. Batoka Gorge Rafting and Kayaking - Zambezi River below Victoria Falls

Batoka Gorge Rafting & Kayaking Tips & Advice

The Zambezi river itself is of a "pool drop" nature, - large rapids are followed by calmer stretches of water

white water rafting

Class Ratings
Class I – Very easy. Waves small, regular. Passages clear, sandbanks, artificial difficulties like bridge piers. Riffles.
Class II
– Easy. Rapids of medium difficulty, with passages clear and wide. Low ledges.
Class III – Medium. Waves numerous, high, irregular. Rocks, eddies. Rapids with passages that are clear though narrow, requiring expertise in maneuvering. Inspection usually needed.
Class IV – Difficult. Long rapids. Waves powerful, irregular. Dangerous rocks, boiling eddies. Passages difficult to reconnoiter. Inspection mandatory first time. Powerful and precise maneuvering required.
Class V
– Very difficult. Extremely tough, long and very violent rapids, following each other almost without interruption. River bed extremely obstructed. Big drops, violent current, very steep gradient. Reconnoitering essential but difficult.
Class VI
– Extraordinarily difficult. Difficulties of class V carried to extremes of navigability. Nearly impossible and very dangerous. For teams of experts only, at favorable water levels and after close study with all precautions

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Zambezi Man Challenge | Part 2

Batoka Gorge Rapids

The distance between rapids allows time to relax and prepare for the next challenge.

The gorge itself varies between approximately 140m and 250m deep making for spectacular scenery.

1: "The Boiling Pot / against the wall" Class 4/5:

The start of the low water trip. From here the river hits a wall forming a wild cushion wave and eddy.

2: " The bridge" Class 3:

A wild mixture of waves best in the early part of the low water season. Clearly visible to bungee jumpers and spectators on the Victoria Falls bridge.

3: Rapid Class 4:

A steep and radically fast wave with an easily avoidable hole. The second part of this rapid is best in the early part of the season - a small wave train with an excellent pocket on the Zambian side.

4: "Morning Glory" Class 4/5: Video

More info ..................Rapid names

Then there is a 200 metre climb out of the gorge with refreshments along the way and beers waiting at the top. The record climb out is 6 minutes

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