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Great Zimbabwe

Masvingo town is the capital of the Province of Masvingo.
Founded in 1890 its original name was Fort Victoria (after Queen Victoria).

Hiking shoes recommneded when climbing up to the Hill Complex at Great Zimbabwe.

Lake Mutirikwi is the largest inland dam in Zimbabwe - enjoy a boat cruie.


See and Do near Masvingo

Leisure Facilities Nearby include:

Lake Mutirikwi- popular fishing spot

Kyle Recreational Park - 25 species of wild mammals

Great Zimbabwe

During the 11 th century a vast empire arose trading gold and ivory for oriental luxuries.

Today Great Zimbabwe remains the largest ancient structure in sub saharan Africa

Kyle Recreational Park

Large variety of antelope including nyala, oribi, tsessebe, eland, wildebeest, zebra, kudu, giraffe.

Home to the white rhino and game viewing can be undertaken either by car or Horse riding which is a popular way to view game

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