. Activities Mana Pools Safari, Zimbabwe

Activities Mana Pools Safari, Zimbabwe

Mana Pools - Canoe, Walking and Photographic Safaris in one of the Greatest Havens that exist of Unspoilt Africa


Mana Pools safaris

Much of the area had been protected as a non-hunting area since 1955 Total area is 676,600ha. Comprises Mana Pools 219,600ha-National Parks Chewore 339,000ha Sapi 118,000ha

Forestry land : Urungwe Safari Area 287,000ha, Dande Safari Area 52,300ha Doma Safari Area 76,400ha

The areas (excluding Dande) have extensive frontages along the lower Zambezi River from the Kariba Dam to near the Mozambique border and include large areas of the rugged Zambezi escarpment, which rises to 1,000m from the valley floor

The geology of the region ranges from the recent river alluvia of the extensive valley floor to the ancient gneiss and paragneiss overlain by thin lithosols of the basement complex.

Mana Pools are former channels of the Zambezi. Much of Chewore is heavily dissected with Mupata Gorge (30km long) along the northern boundary. Between the gorges of Kariba and Mupata, the river is broad and sandy.


Charter Flights to Lodges in Kariba and Mana Pools. Best Option


Road Transfers

Difficult to arrange as the roads are in bad condition

Don't try to go for game drives in the wet season (Nov to April). Although the main road into Nyamepi is an all weather shale road the roads along the Zambezi river are alluvial mud and even 4x4 get stuck


Visitors can fish in the Zambezi River and experience the excitement of hooking large fish for the pot or the mighty Tiger Fish

Safari Camps

from safari lodges to traditional tented camps - the experience is awesome and memorable

There is a magic about Mana which you will want to savour again and again

Enjoy quality cuisine and breath taking views from your camp

Canoeing Safaris

Canoeing on the Zambezi is a favourite activity in Mana Pools and affords an unparalleled opportunity to experience the river.

Canoeing is probably the easiest way of getting up close to wildlife - great for photography and bird watching

Photograhic Safaris

Generally 5 to 6 Days in September & October every year

- under the guidance of a specialist photographer at all times

- a fully qualified professional safari guide accompanies the group

Small groups and ideal for single travelers who don't mind sharing

learn more about Photography, whilst on Safari in one of the most Beautiful Safari venues Imaginable.


Walking Safaris

Short walks from the Luxury Safari Camps is the preferred option. Best done in early morning or late afternoon.

In the care of professionals who have lived and worked in Mana Pools for more than 20 years - their knowledge and expertise cannot be matched

Visitors can hire qualified armed Parks staff to take them for game viewing on foot


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