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Dynamic leadership training and team building programmes - education and entertaining for all ages



Venturer - dynamic fun filled programme is designed to tap into the enthusiasm of our younger clients whilst instilling in them a love of healthy outdoor pursuits, nature and other people. It is ideally suited to teaching team and leadership skills. (Grade 6/7)

Venturer Leadership - As a follow on to the Venturer course this leadership training programme is designed to teach young leaders effective leadership skills through several imaginative and challenging adventure activities. This programme can be run from our Aberfoyle Lodge in the Honde Valley... a different venue. (Grade 7 Prefects)

Wilderness - As our youth take on the challenges of this outstanding wilderness experience they are carefully guided by our compassionate and professional staff into reflecting on their experiences and how they can apply the learning to their lives as they take on the challenge of becoming young adults. (Form 2/3)

Wilderness Leadership - This five day intensive team and leadership training programme is taking schools by storm. (Lower and Upper 6)

Prefects/Stewards Teambuilder - This programme is run form our Aberfoyle Lodge in the Honde Valley. It is a follow on to the Wilderness Leadership programme and is designed to be a short intensive team building and leadership development programme that provides prefect teams with a springboard from which to launch into their year as leaders. The programme can also be adapted to meet the needs of staff teams. (Prefect/Stewards and Staff)

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leadership training programme teaching team and leadership skills - from school children to corporate
kayaking - rafting - fly fishing - abseiling - rock climbing - mountain biking - orienterring - hiking

working to:

Improve organizational performance through building high performance teams and leadership development
Increase productivity
Facilitate strategic alignment
Inspire participants to achieve the seemingly impossible
Lead change and innovation
Improve internal communication skills
Increase self-confidence

We offer a choice of venues from luxury lodge type accommodation to rustic outdoor cabins to caves!

Corporate programmes for professionals - custom designed and led by professionals

Team Leadership Challenge

a leadership development programme sees professionally guided teams take on the challenge of tracking Africa's Big 5 on foot through the African bush. We offer a choice of several venues throughout southern Africa.

A series of carefully designed debrief sessions at night under African skies around a campfire leads participants to a greater awareness of key leadership and team concepts. We draw on the participants' experiences of tracking the Big 5 and make powerful metaphorical connections to life skills, leadership and teamwork

Tailor-made Safaris

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