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Linyanti and Savuti Game Reserves Facts

on Chobe's western boundary lies the 275 000 acre private reserve with its abundant wildlife and renowned for its predators


The Kwando and Linyanti rivers rise in southern Angola flowing into a 900sq km flood plain, known as the Linyanti marshes. The national park only touches the river for a short section on the far eastern edge of the swamp.

Secluded and uncrowded, this short strip of swampy river frontage is reminiscent of the Okavango's permanent waterways with papyrus-lined lagoons, reed-beds and a towering canopy of trees

Wildlife is plentiful, especially in the dry winter months when great concentrations of elephant, buffalo and zebra congregate along the river, with giraffe, impala and roan antelope being seen in the forests. The birdlife is diverse, if not overwhelming in it's numbers. Waterbirds, including pelican, are common

Savute Game Reserve – Botswana

The second major attraction of the Chobe is the Savuti, an area of over 5 000 km2 situated in the western section of Chobe national Park.

It is often said that the Savuti grasslands provide the best game viewing in Africa today, with one of the highest concentrations of wildlife on the continent, through all seasons.

Good sightings of cheetah and leopard are possible and the endangered wild dog also occurs here.

Savute Game Reserve is famous for its large concentrations of elephants that congregate around the waterholes at sunset.

This makes for exceptional observation of the interaction of Africa’s wildlife.

Birdlife is also great and a spectacular sight is the redbilled queleas that gather in their thousands

The Savuti grasslands flourish on the silt of the old river, while camelthorn and knobthorn trees stand sentinel along the length of the Savuti Channel, bleached and ghostly reminders of the 1950s flood that saw the channel flow again decades after it first dried up

In fact, Savuti is particularly famous for its predators, including lion, hyena, jackal, bat-eared fox and, less commonly, cheetah and wild dog

The resident lions and spotted hyena populations are spectacular - serenading visitors after dusk and occasionally wandering through the camps

The barren, dusty Savuti Channel remains a local enigma with its reputation for flowing both ways as a result of flowing out of the Linyanti and receding back into it.

The channel has a mysterious habit of flooding and drying up regardless of how good or bad the annual rains are, or of flood levels in the region


Thirty years after Livingstone proclaimed the area a 'dismal swamp', the Savuti Channel dried up completely and rich grasslands appeared. In the 1950s, the channel began to flow again, only to dry up a decade later. The waters appeared again in the 1970s and receded in the 1990s and reappeared over a year ago

Visitors are strongly recommended to allow at least three to four days of their itinerary just to explore this area


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