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Pontoons houseboats basically look like a floating house perched on top of two or three pontoons


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Kariba Houseboat

"Easy Find" Pontoon Houseboats on Lake Kariba

Kariba Harbour

Pontoon Houseboat hire at Kariba town (dam wall side)

  • Pontoon houseboats are very practical for larger groups
  • they are spacious and better for children to run around on
  • can move close inshore to the wildlife as they need less water to float
  • sovereign pontoon houseboat

    Sovereign- Luxury Kariba Houseboat

  • 20 People in cabins all en suite and air conditioned
  • 10 double bedded cabins
  • 3 x Tender boats for game viewing, fishing and sunset cruises
  • Unique pontoon houseboat

    Unique- Luxury Kariba Houseboat

  • Passengers: 8 for comfort - 12 max fully air conditioned
  • Bottom Deck4 x double/twin bed cabins, shower en-suite
  • Top Deck: very spacious area under cover (can sleep 4 singles)
  • African Queen Kariba houseboat

    African Queen Kariba Houseboat

  • maximum of 12 (10 guests in cabins, 2 on mattresses on top deck)
  • 2 tender boats for fishing, game viewing and sunset cruises
  • enclosed bar and comfortable seating area at the front of the boat
  • Eden pontoon houseboat kariba

    Eden Large Pontoon Kariba Houseboat

  • comfortably accommodate up to a maximum of 12 passengers
  • 6 in three cabins on the lower deck
  • 6 on top deck (under cover) with mattresses
  • Freestate

    Freestate pontoon

  • 4 x twin cabins - 3 of which have their own hand basin
  • Passengers: Maximum 12 people / 8 in cabins
  • 60 ft catamaran houseboat
  • jacana

    Jacana Pontoon

  • 5 Cabins, four of which have open up sides
  • Passengers:7 in comfort/12 maximum
  • Length: 65 ft
  • karibeer pontoon houseboat kariba

    Karibeer- Kariba Houseboat

  • Passengers: 12 people maximum
  • Two cabins with double beds
  • One cabin with twin single beds
  • karibezi pontoon houseboat kariba

    Karibezi- Luxury Kariba Houseboat

  • Accommodation - Maximum number of passengers: 20
  • 14 guests in cabins for comfort
  • 6 people sleeping on first deck - mattresses
  • Liberty Bell pontoon houseboat kariba

    Liberty Bell- Top Kariba Houseboat

  • Passengers: 5 in comfort / 8 Maximum
  • up-market, clean and tidy catamaran houseboat
  • two double en suite cabins and two twin bunks
  • little mermaid

    Little Mermaid- small Kariba Houseboat


    1 x cabin with twin beds with en-suite
    lounge area downstairs can be used for 2 single beds.

    Passengers: Comfortable for 2 people / max 4 adults Length: 36 feet

    Hull: Triple aluminium pontoon houseboat

    Navistar pontoon houseboat kariba

    Navistar- practical Kariba houseboat

  • Passengers: 10 people comfortably. Max 14 people
  • Fans in all cabins - Carpeted
  • nyati pontoon houseboat kariba

    Nyati mid range Houseboat

  • Passengers: 10 in comfort / max 14
  • well maintained pontoon houseboat
  • Offers 3 different options (Dry, Wet and full inclusive)
  • return to eden pontoon houseboat kariba

    Return to Eden- large pontoon houseboat

  • Accommodation6 spacious cabins- all en-suite
  • large windows to view the scenery going by, even from the loo
  • Passengers: 18
  • Shikra pontoon houseboat kariba

    Shikra- Large budget houseboat

  • Lower Deck: - 10 En Suite Cabins each with twin and 2 bunk beds
  • Passengers: maximum of 40
  • Twin Pontoon Houseboat with Double Decks
  • Tai Pan- pontoon houseboat kariba


  • Accommodation3 x double cabins on lower deck for Maximum 8
  • All cabins open out onto the Lake
  • pleasant atmosphere especially with a lake breeze blowing
  • take-it-away. pontoon houseboat kariba

    Take It Away Luxury Kariba Houseboat

  • AccommodationFour large double cabins
  • en-suite facilities with shower and wash basins
  • Passengers: Comfortable for 10 people - Max 12 passengers
  • tantalika pontoon houseboat kariba

    Tantalika - pontoon Houseboat

  • Passengers: comfortable for 8 people / Maximum 12
  • Fuel inclusive -child friendly pontoon houseboat
  • owner run a very well maintained and operated vessel
  • this is it

    This is It- pontoon Kariba Houseboat

  • Passengers: comfortably 8 / maximum of 12
  • Railings and mesh all round makes this a child friendly houseboat
  • central splash pool under shade
  • Vunduful

    Vunduful- Pontoon

  • Accommodation - 4 cabins
  • Passengers: 20
  • ideal for families and groups
  • zambuka

    Zambuka. pontoon houseboat Kariba

  • Passengers: 9 comfortably / Maximum 16
  • Accommodation 4 cabins. Inclusive of Fuel
  • with air conditioning, is a spacious child friendly houseboat

    Sovereign - large luxury

    Unique - small groups luxury

    African Queen - houseboat rental

    Eden - large group houseboat

    Karibeer - family houseboat

    Karibezi - well maintained

    Return to Eden - large spacious

    Shikra - large budget houseboat

    Tai Pan - cabins open up to lake breeze

    Tantalika - 'child proof' boat

    Zambuka - family house boat


    Liberty Bell | Karibezi | cruiser houseboat


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