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African Hiking Safaris in Mana Pools

Hiking and Camping Safaris in Mana pools which can be combined with a Canoe Safari or Day Hikes from Luxury Safari Camps

buffalo herd at mana pools national park

The wilderness walk is a treat to experience and simple therapeutic joy

On the old river terraces, tourists can walk unaccompanied by guides in the open Albida woodland which is park like

Visibility is good and there is little danger of unexpectantly coming across dangerous animals

The park, a World Heritage Site, lies on the Lower Zambezi at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It’s the only park in Zimbabwe where you’re allowed to walk unaccompanied (at your own risk)

The best way to experience the park is with an experienced walking safari guide

Zimbabwe's best game-viewing season is generally from late May until November.

Mana Pools is difficult to access in the wet season between December and April.

The hiking season is from 15 April to 15 November

African Hiking Safari benefits

This hiking safari in Mana pools is aimed to make you forget all about those clanging telephones, demanding customers, exhausting commuter crowds and the whole wall to wall city humdrum existence that makes up "civilized" life

The wilderness heritage has become a gift, a treat to experience and the simple therapeutic joy of:

  • struggling to summit a mountain,
  • finding water buried deep beneath the sand of the river bed,
  • walking into a busy and essentially more industrious world than that we have created,
  • to experience a feeling of euphoria more powerful than can be imagined.

Simple pleasures of eating and drinking when the need arises, resting after a hard walk, feeling the breeze on a hot day and watching in peace the intricacy of Mother Nature in action will be joys that stand out in your memory among many bland days of suburban life.

Luxury Safari Camps - Half Day Hiking Trails

Kanga Bush Camp

nestled deep in Mana Pools Park at Chitake Springs with outstanding guides

Africa Hiking

A static camp, located on the shore of the Zambezi River. From the camp you can enjoy game driving, canoeing and walking safaris

guests walking with close up of elephant


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